JAFFO brand needed some help with creating a new brand strategy that would ensure its further existence in the Jaffa family

The new show from KiKi circus

Another cheerful KiKi TV commercial about the most important thing in the world, at least when kinds are concerned

Fresh for Tuš

We all like to choose fresh so this was the main idea when creating this campaign for TUŠ chain stores

Off we go!

To ensure that everyone will be able to make it to the Karlovačko Korner we formed a train that traveled through the center of Zagreb all day long

Recognizable Moments

Sincere emotions are universally understandable language. Emotions that accompany life’s most memorable moments. Those moments are the basis of our new campaign for insurance company Grawe Hrvatska


A campaign for Serbian National Lottery’s sports prognosis TOTO

Napolitanke – a well assembled story

After a long time, Kraš has redesigned one of its most popular products Napolitanke (crispy wafer sheets with a variety of tasty creams). Since Napolitanke are part of almost every home in Croatia and countries in the region, the agency had to think of a memorable and likable communication to justify this status of being the most famous product of this group, and a synonym for an entire category of wafer products

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