It is what we lack that makes us stronger

The aim of the campaign, organized under the auspices of the Croatian Paralympic Committee, is to help the paralympic sports and athletes secure a position in the society which they deserve—i.e. the equal status with the so-called regular sports


An online campaign promoting Tele2 Superfriend offer

Tele2 Weekend Option

A campaign communicating the benefits for Tele2 users which can activate an option and talk free during weekends


A car deal that leaves you speechless

Tele2 porting

The TV commercial was made according to our scenario, but within the platform Tele2 uses in several markets

A miraculous world of fruit was created

The main task was to transfer the information of the rebranding of Voćko, which meant the new visual identity of the packaging was used through all advertising means

Mix the Smix

Packaging and TV ad proposals for the first Croatian smoothies brand

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