20 Jan 2011.
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A miraculous world of fruit was created

The main task was to transfer the information of the rebranding of Voćko, which meant the new visual identity of the packaging was used through all advertising means

Market situation

Voćko is the brand of fruit juices that has been present in the Croatian market since 1987. As the leading brand in the juice market, it soon created new product categories such as still drinks, ACE and ice teas, and took up a growing market share.

However, due to various external and internal circumstances, changes in the market occurred and, with the increasing presence of competitor brands, the market position of Voćko was shaken. In 2008 Eurobev decided to give Voćko back its former glory, so Brandoctor was entrusted with the rebranding task, and we were given the task to come up with a campaign that would accompany the rebranding.

Rebranding (Brandoctor)

Following the analyses of the market, trends, consumer awareness and competition, and based on its diagnosis, Brandoctor prescribed a starting point for the building of a strong and unique Voćko brand, as well as its sub-brands. On the basis of the diagnosis a brand platform was put up, which contained the story about the brand, its positioning, image, target group, sub-brands, brand architecture, renaming of some sub-brands, and the so-called brand touch-points i.e. places where the consumer and the brand came in direct contact.

The former brand architecture of Voćko denied the potentials of certain brands, and the sub-brands were in an unclear connection with the main brand, which is why it was necessary to set their connection with Voćko much more strictly. Furthermore, it was also necessary to set the place for the new brands Voćko was launching, or was planning to add to its portfolio in the future.

Through the rebranding, the attributes of the umbrella brand, such as tasty, juicy and Croatian, became common to all sub-brands; the new sub-brands with unique products were also launched onto the domestic market. The brand platforms were the foundation for the renaming of some of the sub-brands and also for the new visual identity.

Children’s juices enriched with vitamins, called Frikster, are available to children in attractive packaging. Fruit juices enriched with vitamins that offer instant refreshment and have a beneficial effect on the body, are known as Frutamini. Ice teas of the umbrella Voćko brand are known as Eterna – besides having antioxidant properties, they raise the energy and vitality. A completely new category on the domestic market, so-called smoothies, i.e. juice made of pureed fruits without any additives, is known to consumers under the name of Smix.

Communication strategy

The main task was to transfer the information of the rebranding of Voćko, which meant the new visual identity of the packaging was used through all advertising means. In accordance with the rebranding and packaging, the communication was also based on the message of Voćko being a natural and healthy juice, of a rich and fruity taste and a refreshing effect; and as the fruit is the main ingredient of the product, in the communication it was positioned in foreground with the slogan Voćka. Voće. Voćko. (Fruit-tree. Fruit. Voćko.)

The creative solution with the campaign title Magical are the courses of nature was based upon the idea of a world in which all was built of fruit. Thus the illustrations of a landscape made of fruit, with a few human elements that suggest the man’s unbreakable bond with the nature, were present on all visual elements of the campaign.

The communication was divided into two parts, in the so-called teaser and revealer phase. In the first phase print advertisements and web banners, as well as small, funny newspaper ads were used; the second phase consisted of the advertorial and PR with commercials, external and newspaper ads, web and the teaser Voćko webpage.

The webpage was connected with the events and was in accordance with the communication strategy. It was based on the message of a healthy and ecological product. The webpage also enabled the planting and growing of virtual fruit trees, with the intent of donating the successfully grown virtual fruit trees in the form of real fruit tree seedlings to the orchards of Croatian primary schools.

Together with this campaign, Voćko prepared a number of ecologically steered events with the aim of educating the public, especially young people and children, on important ecological topics.

Branding / Brandoctor / Anja Bauer Minkara (Senior Brand Consultant), Vedran Čosić (Brand Consultant), Anaj Bauer Minkara, Moe Minkara, Maja Benčić, Petra Despot (Naming Consultants), Maja Benčić (Copywriter), Jelena Mezga (Brand Implementor)

Packaging / Bruketa&Žinić OM / Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić (Creative Directors), Tonka Lujanac (Art Director, Designer), Mirna Kapetanović (Account Director)

Advertising / Bruketa&Žinić OM / Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić,  Moe Minkara  (Creative Directors), Tonka Lujanac (Art Director, Designer), Goga Golik (Art Director), Sanja Bobić (Designer), Thomas Bauer, Teo Tarabarić, Tanja Škorić (Copywriters), Helena Rosandić (Account Director), Marko Ostrež (DTP)

Bunch (TV production), Null Studio (3D modeling)


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