28 May 2011.
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Brigada designs the new generation of Tele2 shops

Shop concept

The new Tele2 shop concept is the result of months or researching and analyzing Tele2 as a brand, and the current state of the Croatian and global telecommunications markets. The basic premise was the client’s desire that we create the concept of a sales space that would reflect their primary orientation towards the younger population (i.e. generation y), while also aiming for acceptance from the remaining target groups.

During the development of the design of the interior elements and architecture, we considered the proper positioning of surfaces with visual communication and ensuring a simple and open space. The Tele2 shops themselves are of very limited dimensions, and it was key to create a high quality modular element that would satisfy all the necessary functions, while also being flexible enough for simple use in any space. The typical element was ultimately designed as an unbroken line, as an association with the fluidity and dynamics of modern communication, and this idea is carried through all the elements of the interior design.

In terms of height, the modules are divided into zones according to the importance of the position of visual communication. Beginning from the “overhang” that serves to strengthen the Tele2 image and current promotional campaign, to eye level where products and campaign communications are positioned, to hand level where test telephones and details explaining the various tariffs and services are placed. The central area of the space is reserved for self-service tables, where test telephones are available, and packages with rates, promotions, etc. Not even the floor has been left to chance, though this has rarely been treated as a means of in-store communication. Signalization zones for the various functional units of the shop have been built into the floor, making it easy for the customer to find their way around.

The specificity of the concept, in the sense of organizing sales and services, is that with this concept, Tele2 has decided to integrate an entirely new means of presentation and sale of its services in its shops. Real boxes and cards bearing information on tariffs and additional services have been set up in the zone of the interior reserved for Tele2 products. This offers customers the ability to independently review the entire offer, and to physically purchase the products they desire. The very act of “productifying” services allows customers to get a specific product for their money and, if desired, to upgrade those products.

The “productification” of services, i.e. the means of innovatively presenting products that are, in fact, intangible, changes the psychological perception of a classical telecom showroom into a neighbourhood self-serve grocery shop filled with various products. The objective is to change customer awareness when buying in Tele2 shops and to create the perception of a brand that “has nothing to hide” and is ready to display all its products freely, allowing customers to have their free choice.

The fundamental concept of this approach is taken from the psychology of supermarkets, in which the customer has complete freedom to select an individual product, and to compare it with other articles on display. Ultimately, this results in a much more certain position concerning the purchase. In this case, sales staff service as assistance in providing customers with more detailed explanations of what is offered, and further assisting them in making the decision to purchase. Finally, the customer spends no more time than he himself has allotted to examine and study the available products, and to purchase the product or sign the service contract. This will avoid the creation of unnecessary waiting and long queues, making the entire process more pleasant for both customers and staff.

Brigada / Damjan Geber (architect, project manager), Srđana Alač (designer)

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Klara Šimunović, Zrinka Jugec (Account Managers), Dunja Delač (Art Director), Sonja Šurbatović, Damir Mazinjanin, Vesna Horvat (Designers), Kitica Kekić (Copywriter), Marko Ostrež (DTP)

Tele2 / Ivana Pasarić


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