28 May 2018.
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Together with AutoZubak Neostar We Sell the First Used Car Online in Croatia

E-commerce is constantly increasing, but people seldom dare to buy a car online, let alone a used one. The used car market is not really transparent and is based on smaller brick and mortar dealerships focused on a large number of cars in the car park, without any considerations given to the shopping or selling experiences of their customers.

To adjust to the market and respond to their customer needs in the digital era, the AutoZubak Neostar brand for selling and servicing used cars wanted to introduce a digital transformation in the currently unregulated used car market and to launch online selling of cars approaching the matter in a completely new way. The Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and Brigada Agencies helped them put it into practice.

The Challenges of the Campaign

The main challenges were creating a unique user experience of used car customers, affecting the used car sales in all channels and positioning AutoZubak Neostar as an expert on any car brands.

In terms of sales targets, the campaign was to result in the first used car sold online in Croatia, an increase in the sales growth in comparison with the previous year and improvement of the sales performance in the new showroom in Velika Gorica.

Media Strategy

The Omnichannel approach helped us to meet all the targets. The website provided a detailed overview of the used car supply including the smallest details (featuring a 360 degree view), an option to make a reservation for a particular car, online payment, car delivery to your home address and the option to make a free return within fifteen days. The media campaign was aimed at many platforms – TV, digital and print media, and radio stations.

Before launching a TV commercial, as TV is still the main media channel for such type of services, three different versions of the used car commercial were made and tested on digital channels in the period of seven days. The main resulting advertising spot was Buy a car while on a tram, which after the analysis, showed to have grabbed 20% longer attention than other solutions. It also determined the campaign slogan vividly illustrating the ease of online shopping.

By developing the first omnichannel integrated car dealership the creative concept of which was designed by our sister agency, Brigada, the online sales process was upgraded with the physical shopping experience and the sales targets were achieved, whereas the users were able to receive the relevant content and information.

The Campaign Results

In early April 2017 the first used car was sold online in Croatia, and by the end of the year the sale totalled 167 cars. The website traffic was increased by 287% in comparison with the previous quarter, and the number of cars sold over all sales channels rose by 21%. In addition to facilitating selling of the first used car online in Croatia, this campaign resulted in 286 000 website visitors and achieved the overall 26% growth in used cars.

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