A book that grows green in your hands

Adris group’s annual report entitled “In good hands” reveals floral details when heated by the palms of the hands, metaphorically illustrating how hands can achieve anything

Adris – New Year commercial

This year, once again, the traditional Adris group’s seasons greetings offer a message of optimism and hope in unsafe times

Origami invitation

A prestigious regatta Adris RC44 Cup was held in Rovinj for the first time and Hotel Lone was its host. Therefore, the invitation sent to the guests integrates the sailing motif with the inspirational, artistic nature of Hotel Lone

Adris WMF pavilion

After last year’s success of the room that glows in the dark, Brigada was again in charge for the Adris group’s pavilion at the Weekend Media Festival. The assignment was again to portray the values of Adris group in an ambient medium

A really heavy book

Investment company Adris group is a socially responsible company. Its significance and weight are much greater than what is expressed in dull, dry financial statements. That’s why this years Adris group annual report, named simply Results, poses a question: what is the real weight of Adris group?

We have won the European Design Award. Again :)

European Design Awards, as the name indicates, are honoring graphic design projects, illustrations and multimedia design made in Europe. The award is based on the cooperation between 14 prestigious professional magazines whose representatives constitute the jury


The assignment was to portray the very successful Adris’s business year 2007 and all the people behind this success who work for the company

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