20 Dec 2023.
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Creating a gigantic world and reviving an iconic place in the history of Zagreb

Two new locations set up at Zagreb Advent together with the Zagreb Tourist Board and Brigada

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was invited by Brigada to team up with the Zagreb Tourist Board and set up two new locations at Advent in Zagreb. The underlying idea was a wish to offer Advent visitors completely new locations distinctive from the others, without Advent houses, immersed solely in the experience of Advent magic. We also wanted to create something for those age groups that have been left a bit on the side – the youngest and the oldest.

Grand Big Christmas

With the aim of creating a fairytale Advent atmosphere on Svačić Square, we produced eight outsized sculptures of Christmas motives, which is why the location was named: “Grand Big Christmas”. The square hosts two gifts, a guiding star, a bauble, a candy cane, a stocking, a bell and a gingerbread cookie, all in the shape of sculptures.

The biggest challenge was how to construct and transport gigantic sculptures made of styrofoam blocks featuring, for instance, a four-meter-tall guiding star, and a gift sculpture weighing 300 kilograms. The production took two months, and the sculptures had to be transported by cranes to the designated area.

This fairytale location is primarily for the youngest audiences, but there is no doubt it will thrill the older audiences too.

Grand Big Christmas is open December 9 – January 7, and nice music and cozy lights around the sculptures will wrap visitors in the warmth of the festive season.

Mažuranić Ball

The “Mažuranić  Ball” is the fruit of the idea generated by Brigada and the Zagreb Tourist Board to have a location with a dance floor. While studying historical archives, Brigada discovered that in the early 19th century Mažuranić Square hosted a hugely popular restaurant, “Kolo” (traditional folk dance in English), which featured music and dance “night and day, come summer or winter” in the open air.

By joining our forces we revived this iconic place in the history of Zagreb paying utmost attention to detail, such as the light bulb color. The biggest challenge was how to construct and transport the Ball’s central motif – a huge, five-meter-wide chandelier with 200 light bulbs, weighing 75 kilograms in total.

Besides taking part in putting this idea into practice as well as in the program design and organization, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was also tasked with creating and running the official Instagram profile of the events, posting the relevant information and content for the followers to feel the Ball’s atmosphere online.

This modern version of the iconic historical place is mostly for older demographics, but it will surely spark a multi-generational interest.

The Mažuranić Ball is open to visitors December 15 – 31, and the program is available on the following link.


Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba
Project team
Director: Martina Bienenfeld
Product Development Director: Ana Salopek

Creative Director: Damjan Geber
Creative Director: Kristina Volf

Head of Brand Experience and Events: Tomislav Zeljko
Social Media Team Leader: Sara Grepo
Social Media Manager: Marija Polimac
Organization and Production: Hanger Media
Production: Lenard kiparske usluge
Lightning And Sound: DBoki
Scenography: Blue Orange Media
Photographer: Domagoj Kunić
Photo and Video: Imhotep
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