05 Dec 2019.
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What does a perfect day in Zagreb look like from the perspective of famous TV and radio presenters, chefs and musicians?

From now on the visitors to Zagreb, as well as Zagreb inhabitants, may tour the city according to their lifestyle using the mobile application Zagreb Be There. These days the app has been given a complete makeover and new guides.

The breakthrough app in its field has won multiple awards since its creation in 2014, but the trends evolve, and that is why the Zagreb Tourist Board has decided it is time for changes.

The older app versions included thematic routes taking you to see e.g. only craft beer locations or street art, mapped out by experts. But the routes under the new concept are planned by famous persons and follow their favorite places in the city. If that appeals to you, you can spend a day similar to them.

New routes and guides

A writer and editor-in-chief of the Croatian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine Aleksandra Orlić has mapped out a Rebound Zagreb route for those who have recently ended their intimate relationships. A TV and radio presenter Iva Šulentić takes all morning-type visitors on a Morning route.

Those who would like to have a good bite to eat can take the Michelin Guide Zagreb of the popular Croatian chef Mate Janković. If you are into music, you might like the Jazzy Zagreb route planned by young Croatian jazz musicians Lana Janjanin and Dina Rizvić or the Old Factories/New Clubs route through old factories now turned into night clubs, chosen by DJ Rea Hadžiosmanović.

Google Design Sprint

The changes have transpired as a result of the Google design sprint with the Bruketa&Žinić&GreyAgency’s team. “During five intensive days we have come a long way from mapping the user’s journey, generating and selecting ideas to designing the ready-made prototype of the new application”, said Ivan Kovačević, project director, adding:

“The design sprint has allowed us to go through all the options together with the Zagreb Tourist Board’s team and find the optimum way of meeting the user needs on a very tight timeframe, save a lot of time and money, and have a lot of fun on top of all that.”

Temporary Advet route

“The improvement of our Zagreb Be There application follows the trends of online technology. Besides different routes and redesign, we have also included current events in the city the users can put on their wish lists. I would especially like to single out the “Uncrackable Dreams” route designed especially for the Zagreb Advent, taking users on an exciting quest for Nutcrackers at most famous Advent sites. The Nutcracker figures on this route assume the role of guides through the Croatian heritage depicted on their uniforms at every location,” said Zagreb Tourist Board CEO Martina Bienenfeld, Ph.D.

The game-based principle has remained the same as before: the users sign up at locations using hashtag #BeThereZagreb. If they complete the route, they become eligible for an award i.e. the Zagreb Be There souvenir. The app is free and available on iPhone and Android phones or downloadable from the microsite:



Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba / Martina Bienenfeld (Director), Petra Maršić Buljan (Head of Internet Department), Nikola Vujović (Internet Department Specialist), Jelena Anić (Internet Department Specialist)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Ivan Kovačević (Project Director), Siniša Waldinger (Creative Director), Andrea Svilokos and Adriana Ćosić (Digital Account Managers), Ivan Zebić (UX/UI Art Director), Vjekoslav Azenić (UX Designer), Valentina Mavretić (Copywriter), Vedran Firkelj (Head of Digital Production)
Development: Bornfight




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