16 Aug 2022.

AI Anxiety Meter featured on Contagious

Contagious included AI Anxiety Meter among the world’s best creative

Contagious is an international advertising publication and a creative and strategic intelligence service used by some of the most successful agencies and brands. It helps ad agencies and brands deliver more creative, innovative and effective marketing. „We do that by providing inspiration and practical insights based on our interrogation of the world’s most exceptional campaigns and disruptive trends. We help people learn from the best so they can make the best“, says the Contagious web page.

Contagious included AI Anxiety Meter among the world’s best creative recently. AI Anxiety Meter is a digital out of home launched by Croatia osiguranje (Croatia insurance) in major Croatian cities last fall in collaboration with Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and Go2Digital. The goal was to encourage people to go for mental health check-ups and obtain health insurance. With the help of AI Anxiety Meter people could measure their mood in real time and check their anxiety level – the common cause of chronic diseases.

Using cameras in existing digital out of home locations, the AI Anxiety used mood recognition algorithms to perform facial coding and measure anxiety levels of passersby. Depending on the result displayed, people who interacted with the billboard would see a dynamic personalised message on the screen. Those with the highest levels were directed to book a free preventative check-up in Croatia Polyclinic, while those with lower levels saw a message about the importance of health insurance.

People queued to measure their anxiety levels. 1/3 of all passers-by interacted with the ad (8% of the Croatian urban population). The average interaction with the ad was measured at 18.8”, which exceeded the average dwell time around a DOOH ad by 817%. AI Anxiety Meter was part of a campaign One Less Thing To Worry About after which the number of preventive check-ups in Croatia Insurance’s health clinics increased by 31,22%.

The project was awarded the best European DOOH by MIXX Europe, it was shortlisted for Cannes Lion and had over 100 media mentions in international media including Business Insider and Associated Press.

While Contagions content is locked for members, anyone can access this story by signing up for a free trial.

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