28 Feb 2022.
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Anxiety meter detects anxiety levels of Croatian citizens

AI-powered ad by Croatia Supplementary Health Insurance

Past 3 years have been some of the most stressful for Croatians. The country was struck by earthquakes and it ranked 8th in the world in Covid-19 deaths per capita. Furthermore, the recent conflict in Ukraine feels too close for a nation that endured some of the most gruesome wars in recent history. All this resulted in an alarming rise in mental health issues.

How anxious are Croats?

In the first year of the pandemic, global prevalence of anxiety increased by 25%, according to WHO.

Research on mental health in Croatia during the pandemic and after the earthquake shows that the population has become more anxious than before these events and worse off than other Europeans. It showed that 50% of Croatian population had noticeable levels of anxiety and 20% deal with strong or extremely strong anxiety, yet the topic is mostly ignored.

Increased levels of anxiety contribute to the development of mental health issues and chronic illnesses that consequently lead to a shorter life span which, for Croats, is already shorter than the European average.

That’s why Croatia Insurance emphasized the importance of mental health, offering free preventive check-ups and encouraging users to take care of their health by contracting Health Insurance.


Anxiety Meter is an AI-based citylight with built-in cameras and mood recognition softwares

Croatia Insurance and Bruketa&Zinic&Grey agency wanted to correlate the emotional state of Croatians with the level of health risk they were facing and offer them a personalized solution, in real-time.

They partnered up with Go2Digital and created Ai Anxiety Meter. They used cameras in existing digital DOOH locations and paired them with innovative use of AI-based mood recognition algorithms that were able to perform facial coding and measure anxiety levels of passers-by. Google face mesh and automatic facial emotion recognition (FER) technology along with other algorithms analyzed facial muscles using machine learning to identify a combination of 8 emotions defined as anxiousness.


Free preventive medical check-ups in Croatia Polyclinic for those with the highest levels of anxiety 

The execution was intuitive and simple. As passers-by would walk past, the screen invited them to participate. The users would stand in front of the screen, give their consent by waiting 5 seconds for the application to screen their face and show them their level of concern which would be automatically measured and displayed. Depending on the result, a dynamic personalized message would have been displayed. Those with the highest levels were directed to a free preventive check-up, while those with lower levels received messaging around the importance of Health Insurance.

The campaign showed that an encounter with an ad could help you live a healthier life. People used to watch commercials, now commercials also look back at them, for a greater good – their mental health. 

It was the first ever DOOH campaign that focused on accurately measuring anxiety in users, the hardest emotional state to detect.

They developed a system that could identify anxiety and measure it accurately in live video, becoming the first brand in the world to run a real-time programmatic campaign based on anxiety.


Campaign rolled out in three stages

First, they ran a network test of the algorithm, selecting locations with high pedestrian traffic, and with the highest levels of detected anxiety among those pedestrians. Second, their test flight ran across 14 screens in the Croatian capital Zagreb, to prove that the personalized real-time ads would result in an increase in website traffic and preventive check-up bookings in the Croatia Insurance Polyclinic. Third, while TV, digital and OOH ran nationwide, they expanded the reach of the DOOH campaign to cover the three largest cities in Croatia.

People queued to measure their anxiety levels. 1/3 of all passers-by interacted with the ad, meaning 8% of the Croatian urban population measured their anxiety level in two flights of the activation. The average interaction with the ad was measured at 18.8”, which exceeded the average dwell time around a DOOH ad by 817%.

Even though the campaign is over, the AI Anxiety Meter will continue to live in the Croatia Insurance mobile app – freely available to everyone who needs it.


Croatia osiguranje / Marija Jakeljić (Marketing Director), Zrinka Jugec (Head of Marketing Communications), Mirela Jakšić (Marketing Communications Expert)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Ivan Golubić (Copywriter), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Roberta Kranjec (Account Director), Karla Katanec (Account Executive), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Toni Buršić (Designer), Anja Pečovnik (Video Production Manager), Tvrtko Karačić (Video Animator), Jelena Mihelčić (PR Manager), Lana Radišić (PR Junior)

Go2Digital / Dean Udatny (Marketing Director), Hrvoje Bandov (R&D Director), Dario Belić (Art Director), Maro Majstorović (Director of Special Projects), Viktor Pučar (Sales Director)

Millenium promocija / Ana Šimić (Media Director)

Music: Dubravko Robić
Production Coordinator: Martina Crnković
Actress: Toni Mažuranić
VFX Artist: Marino Vuletić

Special thanks:

Mario Mlakar (Director)
Frane Pamić (DoP)

Croatia osiguranje

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