25 Sep 2019.
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We didn’t just drink Coca-Cola in Dubrovnik

Corporate Event

150 attendees, 4 days, 2 trucks, 2 border crossings, 10 suppliers, 50 collaborators – these are the statistics of the corporate event in Dubrovnik the agency has worked on for The Coca-Cola Company as their creative agency for the CEE region.

A team in charge of the project has created the event concept, the team building activities for the employees, central spatial branding and atmosphere and finally they handled the entire production.

Without revealing too much client info, we could describe the employees’ activities which were separated into 3 zones. In the first zone they played a sort of a roulette, using cards as instructions to get to know each other better.

In the second zone participants were given instructions to gather materials for building a rack they needed to test out in the pool. The third activity included a millennial photo with the employees needing to form a keyword with their bodies which will guide their future collaboration.


The Coca-Cola Company / Annamaria Gazda, Lydia Panagiotou

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Valentina Bugarin (Direktorica projekta), Tomislav Zeljko (Voditelj događanja), Siniša Waldinger (Kreativni direktor), Vanja Činić (Tekstopisac), Tomislav Šestak (Umjetnički direktor), Dario Oxenham (Izvršni voditelj događanja), Davor Bruketa (Kreativni direktor), Vedran Firkelj (Voditelj digitalne produkcije), Željka Tročak (DTP operatorica)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Suradnik)

non-alcoholic drinks
The Coca-Cola Company

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