07 Jun 2018.

The GDPR is the best thing that happened to (digital) marketing in the past couple of years

Robert Petković, Analytics Lead, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

Robert Petković

You still can’t get enough of GDPR? Here’s what our Analitics Lead Robert Petković had to say on the subject:

In your opinion, what will be the best and the worst effects of the GDPR implementation on advertising?

The best effect will be the fact that advertisers and agencies will start to take more responsible care of user privacy and of users themselves. The worst effect will be a potentially not fully justifiable increase in advertising prices.

What does it mean more specifically for advertisers? How will they change their current modus operandi?

I hope that they will try harder to put their users first and to offer them better contents in exchange for possibly getting a piece of their personal data. However, I assume that a larger share of advertisers will additionally underscore the advantage of leasing media space, which does not require “any GDRP”, in order to maintain the status quo and to miss any educational opportunity.

To what extent will it affect the agencies?

A majority of good agencies has treated their users’ personal data very responsibly until now and have tried to put their users first and to offer them only contents interesting to end users. Nevertheless, such agencies were mostly “expensive” making advertisers turn to not very good solutions.

Now once again the latter ones are seeking ways how to avoid the GDPR, whereas the serious players are getting ready to have a better relationship with their users. I’d like to believe that owing to the GDPR the quality of work will sooner come to light since the GDPR is not giving more work to do to the lawyers and the programmers, but to the creative people who will design the campaigns making the end users willing to leave their personal data knowing what they will get in return.

Which advertising segments will change the most and how?

Perhaps the newsletter marketing that is the giveaways and all sorts of “teasers”, the main purpose of which was to collect personal data of users in order to conduct targeted advertising until death do us part and longer. This is where marketing experts will have to invest extra effort to retain their users.

What do you personally think of the GDPR?

The GDPR is the best thing that happened to (digital) marketing in the past couple of years as under the threat of a sanction, as initially intended by the EU, it accelerated some processes of learning and maturing and somehow “gave a start” to the marketing scene.


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