06 Oct 2016.
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The best view of the Weekend Media Festival

The Adris group pavilion


The visitors of this year’s Weekend Media Festival were bound to notice a 10-metre-high structure in the courtyard of the former tobacco factory Tvornica duhana Rovinj. Its three floors were home to food tasting, socializing, and dancing, but also the platform for a unique perspective of the festival’s events.

adris_wmf_promo_paviljon_2016_2a adris_wmf_promo_paviljon_2016_2b

It was a promotional pavilion for the main festival sponsor, Adris group, and was– designed by Brigada and executed in partnership with Bruketa&Žinić OM and Pepermint.


The pavilion’s step-pyramid shape is a continuation of the creative concept of the recent Adris annual report called The Success Factory, which was inspired by the constant growth and development of the Adris group’s business: the companies that make up the Group – Maistra, Cromaris and Croatia osiguranje.


Each company presented itself on its own floor of the structure, which had the shape of the letter A to represent the unity of the Adris group. The structure was made up of three transport containers – a growing international trend in constructing different spaces (living spaces, offices, sales areas, showrooms, etc.).


During the day, festival visitors could sample some tasty Cromaris seafood bites on the ground floor, ‘enter’ the new Amarin hotel by Maistra on the first floor, and relax to the sounds of WMF’s DJs and enjoy the spectacular view over the festival ensured by Croatia osiguranje (Croatia Insurance) on the top floor.

In the evening, the illuminated sculpture that surrounded the pavilion had the even more important function of being a space marker, as well as providing the backdrop for the entertainment part of the programme.


“Our goal was to build a structure that would provide a unique view of the Rovinj archipelago, while creating a new look for the central festival space that visitors use for communication and entertainment, which are at the core of this event”, said Marina Brletić from Brigada, whose team has been designing Adris’ promotional pavilions for Weekend Media Festivals for a number of years.


“The biggest challenge in these kinds of projects is to integrate the key message of the brand with the spirit of the event it is designed for in a natural, attractive and efficient way”, Brletić adds.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Davor Bruketa, Ivan Čepelak (Creative Directors), Maša Ivanov (Account Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Zrinka Požar (Account Assistant)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marinu Brletić (Architect), Ivana Lišnjić (Business Director), Dominik Cergna (Product Designer)
Dina Mužek (Junior Creative)

Mateja Vrčković, Ines Novković, Mario Pavlović (Photographers)


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