27 Aug 2014.

Because of the googling people have become google-eyed when it comes to marketing!

Ivan Tanić, the agency’s strategic planner on content marketing


You still don’t have a content marketing strategy? It’s about time you create one because this form of marketing is proven to attract buyers and build a genuine trust between brands and consumers. Content marketing promotes a brand or a product by combining information and fun. According to an article recently published by Forbes, its predicted explosive growth in 2014 shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s what Ivan Tanić, the agency’s strategic planner says about content marketing:

These days people increasingly skip commercials and ignore print ads. Because of the googling people have become google-eyed when it comes to marketing! We are so used to surfing the internet that we don’t pay much attention to display banners any more or any other static online ads for that matter. Traditional marketing in online and offline channels is becoming increasingly non-effective. This is why advertisers are turning their focus on content marketing.

The first rule of content marketing is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be online. On the contrary, the content or a story we offer to the public becomes more relevant if it’s materialized or tied to the brand story in the real world.

Content marketing is an art of communicating with the target audience without focusing on hard sell. Instead of pushing the product or service in the foreground, content marketing offers information or experience that are enriching and emotionally pleasing. The core of content marketing is a belief that a company which is giving continuous valuable content and info to their customers will be awarded with their loyalty and readiness to spend more on the company’s products or services.

When speaking about trends, the increase of GPS supported smartphones makes the individualized content even more relevant, one which appears on time and location ideal for the consumer. These days, it’s what makes a difference between relevant and irrelevant content.

Mashable as well as other professional publications write about how the idea of advertisers and advertising agencies creating advertorial content (the so called branded journalism and publishing) has gained an amazing amount of momentum over the past years. Media publishers, advertisers and communication agencies have always been collaborating closely and nothing drastic will change in the future. The only difference is the form. It used to be ads and advertorials and today it is branded content. What matters is the content quality and a fair and professional approach, as in any other form of advertising.

The effect of content marketing will not be radical. Advertising has always been about storytelling. It will be the same in the future. Content marketing is just a better and more complete way for telling comprehensive and relevant stories on the right place at the right time.


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