20 Dec 2011.
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Brigada’s new jackpot

The Brigada agency redesigns the Croatian Lottery marketing offices in Zagreb

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After using exceptionally large typography to freshen up the agency neighbourhood Zavrtnica, Brigada applied a similar approach to the Croatian Lottery marketing offices in Zagreb. The contours of all the elements were hand sketched, and later painted in. They used very simple, basic and easy to recognize elements of Croatian Lottery and their classic games of chance, “7/39”, “6/45” and “Bingo”.

In the meeting area, the main wall that is immediately visible upon entering was branded with the Croatian Lottery logo and enlarged graphics of lottery ticket numbers. After each weekly draw, these tickets can be “filled out” using static X stickers, allowing for the current lotto numbers to always be at hand in an area visible to all. The only two separate rooms were decorated with oversized balls with the numbers 1 and 2, giving the rooms a special dynamic and attractive appearance.

Brigada / Damjan Geber (architect) / Branimir Sabljić (creative director, photographer)

Croatian Lottery (Client)

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