Zavrtnica’s new look

02.09.2011. |  published by brigada, medium: ambient, client: B.M.V, product / service: corporate

As the saying goes, first clean up your own yard. The Brigada crew had something like this in mind when deciding to go through with the crazy idea No.2 (just a reminder how No.1 was delivering the Sljeme’s gondola lift to the agency). If we can put retail stores in order, suppose we can do the same for our own neighborhood, so we were set to start the project of making business centre Zavrtnica prettier. We started with our own and also the management building No.10, and soon the neighboring buildings got themselves new clothes as well. And this is what’s interesting, how not only one building but the whole block is treated as a whole. With all the wonders of modern technique, the decision was to go for the good old hand painting. First we have measured the whole building, made technical plans, applied the typography, marked all key spots, took the brush and started painting. The Brigada team clearly loves those cranes, and this time they dragged in a joint member Branimir, who is a graphic designer and doesn’t really enjoy altitude sports, but he loves to paint walls so it was fine as long as he had his safety nod ;)

Here’s how it all went on:


fasada1 fasada2 fasada3 fasada4 fasada5 fasada6 fasada7 fasada8 fasada9 fasada10 fasada11 fasada12 fasada13  fasada15 fasada16 fasada17 fasada18 fasada19 fasada21 fasada22 fasada23 fasada24  Objekt_10_za_web2 Objekt_10_za_web3 Objekt_10_za_web4 Objekt_10_za_web5 Objekt_10_za_web6 Objekt_10_za_web7 Objekt_10_za_web8 Objekt_10_za_web9 Objekt_10_za_web10 Objekt_10_za_web11 Objekt_10_za_web12 Objekt_10_za_web13 Objekt_10_za_web14Objekt_10_za_webfasada14

Brigada / Damjan Geber (architect), Srđana Alač (designer)

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Branimir Sabljić (designer)



  1. Svaka čast! Odlično izgleda sad moram škicnut i uživo. :)

  2. Bruketa&Žinić

    tnx Dario

  3. Tea

    Svaka čast! Tako to radi kreativna agencija!

  4. original and interestig solution for to ceange the face of the city.

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