29 Jan 2011.
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A creative socialising with the mosquitoes

PechaKucha Night Zagreb Vol.6


The PechaKucha Zagreb number 6 was the first in the open air version. The Močvara club (English: Swamp) and its numerous mosquito friends made us feel welcome.

Davor Jadrijević was the physicist who presented his device for the wireless transfer of energy which he later demonstrated in person.

The theatre director Ivica Buljan talked about his praiseworthy theatre play Garaža, Ira Payer and Tomo Ricov talked about the designers’ D Day and their future plans.

Kristina Lenard, Elvis Krstulović and Iva Kovač represented visual artists.

Fashion gourmands were able to enjoy with Branka Ščepanović (ROBA), and Goran Rako, already affirmed in his field of work, spoke in the name of architects.

The designers Dario Dević and Hrvoje Živčić gave an entertaining presentation, for which this time they had designed a poster.

Bead by Bead company presented itself; this is the first fair trade company that sells jewellery made in Uganda, and it invests 20% of its profits back into the community from which the products originated.

The last in line were Ljudmila and Dejan from the cultural centre Grad (City) from Belgrade, but unfortunately their car broke down on the road somewhere half way between Belgrade and Zagreb, so they couldn’t make it.

And yes, this time the moderator was the one and only Ana Stunić.

Co-organizers: 3LHD, Komakino and Lana Cavar.

PechaKucha Night Zagreb

photo: Martina Kenji

production and public relations: Jelena Mihelčić

technical support: Zoran Vujić

audio-video production: AVC Zagreb

visual identity and poster design: Dario Dević i Hrvoje Živčić

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