22 Jan 2011.
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The creative spring exchange

PechaKucha Night Zagreb Vol.2


Encouraged by the beginner’s success, in April 2009 we organized the second PechaKucha Night in Zagreb, in the former Katran factory, located almost in the very city centre. We chose the location based on the idea that PechaKucha in Zagreb, besides promoting creative people and the creativity itself, should also pay attention to interesting locations in the city which, in a way, have been neglected, but which do have cultural potential.

The performers included: Leo Modrčin (architect), Dora Budor and Maja Čule (graphic design), Silvio Vujičić (fashion design), Anica Tomić and Jelena Kovačić (theatre directors), Ivan Fijolić (visual artist), Kontejner (bureau of modern artistic practice), TRAFIK (theatre collective), Archisquad (architecture), Goran Sudžuka (comic book), Marko Pavlović (product design), Assembly of complaints Zagreb.

Co-organizers: 3LHD, Komakino and Lana Cavar.

PechaKucha Night Zagreb

photo: Domagoj Kunić

production and public relations: Jelena Mihelčić

technical support: Zoran Vujić

audio-video production: AVC Zagreb

visual identity and poster design: Dora Budor i Maja Čule

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