21 Jan 2011.
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The city’s hidden creativity

PechaKucha Night Zagreb Vol.1


PechaKucha Nights are non-formal and entertaining gatherings where creative people meet and share their ideas, works, thoughts… anything really, but  in 20 pictures with 20 seconds per each, which means everyone has 6 minutes and 40 seconds of glory in total, before it is the next person’s turn.

The project was initiated by Astrid Kline and Mark Dytham in 2003 in Japan, and until today it has spread to over 380 cities around the world. We co-organise the Zagreb PechaKucha Night together with 3LHD, Komakino and Lana Cavar, a graphic designer. Our wish is to promote to the general public interesting creative individuals, groups and ideas through Bruketa&Žinić Rasadnik (Nursery) project, and PechaKucha has proved to be an ideal format to do so.

We organized the first PechaKucha Night in January 2009 in the Club of the Student centre of the University of Zagreb, and created a big commotion. It was evident that the city was in need of such an event and that the interest of the public was quite high.

At the PechaKucha Night Zagreb the following participants performed: Ivana Popović (fashion design), Mario Kovač (theatre director), Platforma 9.81 (architecture), Vili Matula (actor and activist), Nicole Hewitt (video), Numen (product design), Studio UP (architecture), Rafaela Dražić (graphic design), Simon Bogojević Narath (animated and experimental film) and Ivan Kožarić (painter).

PechaKucha Night Zagreb

photo: Domagoj Kunić

public relations and production: Jelena Mihelčić

technical support: Zoran Vujić

audio-video production: AVC Zagreb

poster design: Rafaela Dražić

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