09 Nov 2022.
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A bank in which all bankers are personal

Rebranding of KentBank – a leading bank for SMEs in Croatia


The analysis helps the agency to understand the current and the future market context of a brand, i.e. KentBank in this particular case. It includes exploration of available research, competitors, trends and relevant industry examples to get a clearer picture of the market situation. It also consists of interviews with key partners to gain a better insight into the business strategy.

The global trends suggested the following elements as important:

  • Personalized banking services (source: Future 100, Wunderman Thompson, 2021)
  • Simplicity, speed, digitalization (sources: The future of money, JWT, 2018; The rise of digital in business banking: Are neobanks disrupting the business banking market?, Savanta, 2020)
  • Investing in ESG conscious companies: investors and financial institutions facilitating investments in ESG aware companies; finance is the last industry to cater to consumer values (source: Future 100, Wunderman Thompson, 2021).

The in-depth interviews with KentBank’s customers showed what makes KentBank unique in terms of its operations, governance and customer relations.


The synthesis of all the information collected pointed to a tension that served as a foundation for the brand strategy formation, in other words:

The other banks never look at me as a unique person; they never recognize my potential. They try to “typecast” me, to fit me in a matrix or the existing default form.


The agency used Simon Sinek’s the Golden Circle model to identify the underlying thought responding to the tension and guiding the company, its corporate culture, recruitment, product and service development, sales and advertising (source: Simon Sinek, The Golden Circle).

KentBank defined its “why” as follows: Excellent people deserve excellent partners.

To be able to provide this, the bank needs to understand its customers – their aspirations, needs and abilities.

This is a way in which KentBank puts its “why” to use to reach an answer to the question of “what”, which is: the banks offers personalized financial solutions and business advice.

And the brand purpose, resulting from the above-mentioned, is: Connecting premium ideas, people and resources to create added value for all those involved.

KentBank knows that no two persons are the same, which is why it offers personalized financial solutions to support their customers’ aspirations, making them feel as if they belong to a club of successful people. This position is further emphasized by the bank’s slogan:

All our bankers are personal.

The underlying values of such position include: premium service, quality over quantity, support and expertise. KentBank fosters a personal contact and relationship with all its customers in order to have a better grasp on their jobs and situations. The bank is open to finding new and innovative solutions together with its customers because the customers are considered as partners whose ideas can contribute to the improvement of their relationship and business.

The brand story puts all the pieces together and provides a clear picture of the KentBank’s brand, which is as follows:

Bankers become passive executors in banks that mostly treat everyone the same – like numbers. That is why ambitious people full of ideas never get the attention and respect they deserve.  

People have real lives outside the banking matrix and the situation is not the same for everyone. We understand that influential individuals and their businesses have unique needs requiring a personalized approach and commitment.

We are here for them, at their disposal. We share their passion for excellence by doing what we do best, so that they can do what they do best.

We respect their time and effort taken to get where they are, and we are here to connect premium ideas, people and resources to create a new value for all those involved.

By offering customized financial services and business advice we create a circle of successful people everyone could benefit from. 

This is banking we are proud of.
This is banking you deserve.


The very last step is implementation through visual identity.

The KentBank’s visual identity is centered on a hexagon, i.e. a six-sided polygon – a universal symbol of connectivity. Besides its omnipresence in nature and culture, the hexagon is also commonly found in Islamic art, which establishes a link between the bank’s visual identity and its Turkish owner, Süzer Group.

KentBank / Hasan Ecesoy (CEO & President of the Management Board), Damir Brkić (Board Member), Aleksandra Cvetković (Board Member), Sanja Ljubičić (Head of Strategy and Product Development)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa and Ivo Payer (Creative Directors), Roberta Kranjec (Account Director), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Ana Krstić and Josip Buzov (Strategy Planners), Matej Vučković (Senior Designer), Nikola Slamić (Copywriter), Andro Tasovac (Junior Strategy Planner), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Pre-press), Miran Bašić (Production Designer)

Brigada (Retail Design)

Domagoj Blažević and Domagoj Kunić (Photographers)

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