26 May 2022.
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Porton Nature Hideouts – a new tourist brand in Rovinj with environmentally friendly glamping homes adaptable to their natural surroundings

This season Rovinj beckons its tourists with a new accommodation concept – Porton Nature Hideouts. This place features luxury, environmentally-friendly homes fully adaptable to their natural surroundings. The camp is located in the green foliage of the Porton Camp overlooking the downtown area from a mere 15 min walking distance.

This is the first camp to have had its own unique and modular homes designed – Porton Holiday Homes,Zvonimir Tudorović said, CEO at Effectus Consulting responsible for camp management. The homes were designed by SKROZ architectural office, and constructed by Mont Trade.

Porton Holiday Homes are modular and adaptable to their natural surroundings, meaning that their layout can be arranged in endless ways to suit the terrain and the number of guests. They are located on the original site, in an effort to preserve the morphology of the terrain and integrate the trees into the terraces. Their architectural design stems from the fishing tradition in Rovinj and serene boats at anchor in their close vicinity.

These one-of-a-kind homes served as the guiding thread for the camp’s visual identity, entrusted, together with the brand and PR strategy, to Bruketa&Žinić&Grey. A Porton Holiday Home emerges through an illustration of a simplified home model derived from the architectural blueprint. Typography is a combination of hand-written and custom-made font and thin lines connected into a whole.

To make it more emotional, the visual identity also includes custom-made illustrations signifying natural elements: pine needles, window, the structure of walls, soil or fishing nets, enveloped in a combination of grey, light blue, terracotta and a touch of copper.

Porton is a brand which, owing to its knowledge, experience and awareness of global trends and local needs, offers a new camping experience, in sync with nature, locality characteristics and tourist demand. The brand values comprise a premium, luxury service, innovation, respect for nature and community and flexibility.

The same site used to host a camp Porton Biondi, which, together with its beach of the same name, is well-known to the locals. Porton part of the name was kept for the sake of familiarity, but also for its meaning: “porton” means a gate.

The new name Porton Nature Hideouts communicates the key brand benefits – a gate to a hidden corner of nature at the heart of Rovinj. Instead of separating and creating two brands, a new umbrella brand integrates the existing camp with standard pitches and mobile homes as well as the new investments in the likes of luxury modular homes.

This season the camp will offer 27 Porton Holiday Homes with swimming pools, accounting for about 10% of the total camp accommodation capacity. This share will be increased to 100% at the end of the investment cycle, and in the future the camp plans to offer a joint swimming pool, wellness and children’s play areas.


Progressus / Zrinko Kamber (CEO)
RevPAR / Marta Slišković (CEO), Mia Vranješ (Marketing Specialist)
Čičilo / Zvonimir Tudorović (CEO)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Siniša Waldinger (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director), Leopoldina Jovanovski (Designer), Jelena Mihelčić (PR Manager), Andro Tasovac (Junior Strategic Planner), Ana Krstić (Strategic Planner), Andrea Knapić (Art Director), Sanja Gumhalter (Account Manager), David Asael (UX/UI Designer), Toni Buršić (Designer)
Dragan Lakićević (Copywriter)

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