03 Dec 2019.

BŽG Projects Featured in International design Network (IdN)

Is print coming back? Given the way in which we are virtually inseparably tied to our digital gadgets, it is small wonder that more and more printed publications go online. Nevertheless, despite the trend of digitalization, many publications and magazines revert to their original, hard-copy format.

That is why the latest issue of International design Network is dedicated to the topic of Publication Design – The Great Print Comeback, featuring the publications designed by Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency as well. The above-mentioned publications include Adris Group’s annual reports Good Ideas Glow in the Dark, and Tested for Challenges, but also the Concrete Book for the Nikola Project.

How is it that print still has a place in the market when digital is so much cheaper, faster and more efficient? The answer is summarized by designer Aris Zenone, one of this issue’s contributors, who says the following about publishing on paper: “It’s like a piece of art in a museum – the colors, the texture of the painting and the volumes… everything will be lost if you look at the same piece on a screen.”

International design Network (IdN) has come out since 1992, and this issue showcases the projects designed by 44 authors including the catalogue of Andy Warhole’s exhibition at the Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark designed by Studio Claus Due, and David Lynch’s biography called Someone is in my House, designed by Tim Bisschop and published earlier this year.

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