08 Sep 2022.

AI Anxiety Meter in over 300 media worldwide

Insider, Contagious, Market Watch, FOX, ABC, NBC…

The Anxiety Meter is a digital citylight created by Croatia Insurance together with Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency and Go2Digital Company to prompt citizens to get preventive health checkups and to boost their responsibility for their own mental and physical health. Using algorithms, the Anxiety Meter tested the anxiety level of passersby. The most anxious among them were rewarded with a free preventative checkup at the Croatia Polyclinic.

The project was covered by over 300 media worldwide, including Insider, US FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as the psychiatric association Washington Psychiatric Society. The Anxiety Meter was also mentioned in multiple marketing publications such as the global marketing magazine ContagiousAdobo Magazine, LBBonline magazine and the Spanish Marketing Directo.

The Anxiety Meter was equally appealing to Australian The Stable, German W&V and, Hungarian Kreatív, and the Moroccan MediaMarketing. The story about Anxiety Meter can be found on the websites of Merrill – a Bank of America Company, Hawaii News Now,  Brand News Italy, Creapills France, Market Watch, Performance Marketing World and many others too.


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