24 Sep 2019.
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The One Croatian Creative Story Told at Adris Gallery

Adris and Bruketa&Žinić(&Grey) exhibition

During the Weekend Media Festival an exhibition was opened at the Adris Gallery in Rovinj. It showcases the Adris Group’s communications projects stemming from their 20-year-long cooperation with the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey creative agency.

The exhibition visitors have a chance to get inside of The One Croatian Story about creativity as an essential tool for success in the global market. The exhibition entails twenty-four globally awarded projects for Adris, Maistra, Cromaris, the Adris Foundation and the Croatia Osiguranje insurance company, as selected by a curator and distinguished theorist of architecture Maroje Mrduljaš, whereas its spatial concept and the layout design was assigned to Brigada.

While calling to mind the significance of creativity in the contemporary business arena, at the very onset of this longstanding cooperation Predrag Grubić said:

The Adris Group is consciously exposed to the risk of creativity. We believe that the time of traditional solutions in the economy is passing and that, even though too slowly, or even dramatically too slowly, the Croatian economy is moving towards a creative economy in which design will be crucial, if not decisive, for increasing competitiveness and adding value to companies in the global market. In order to be as efficient as possible in this business, we must, despite the risk, be open to new knowledge, innovative and creative solutions and accept the cooperation between entrepreneurs and designers.

Grubić, drawing attention to the importance of this exhibition, believes that “The presented Rovinj fragments will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the design culture in our country and to its socio-economic and cultural affirmation. It will certainly, in counteraction with the unbearable aesthetics of ugliness, stimulate that constant energy of visibility…

The exhibition is accompanied by an invaluable publication feat, a trilingual catalogue “Jedna hrvatska priča/Una storia Croata/The One Croatian Story. In the catalogue Maroje Mrduljaš inter alia recounted:

This “Croatian Story” has released the latent creative energy of the local context and has been recognized internationally through numerous awards, publications, exhibitions and collections. The global success of these works is aided by their authenticity and the fact that they could hardly have originated elsewhere. The collective eff ort put into these works by both Bruketa& Žinić(&Grey) and the Adris Group, with numerous authors involved, feeds back into the corporate culture of the company. (…)

When it comes to the contribution of Adris Group and Bruketa& Žinić(&Grey) to the public domain, their “extended freedom” of the design scene and contributions to visual culture should certainly be emphasized, but for the contemporary Croatian context it is even more important to use corporate channels to communicate basic social values in times when they are increasingly being brought into question.

During the exhibition opening Davor Bruketa underlined that “Our cooperation with Adris has given us an opportunity to show what the creative industry can do for the Croatian economy and culture, and Nikola Žinić followed up by saying: “Thanks to the projects of this kind we have had a possibility to cooperate with some of the most gifted people in our industry and to increase our visibility beyond the Croatian borders.”

The exhibition is open until 20 October, from 6.00 to 10.00 am daily, and admission is free.



Adris grupa / Predrag Grubić (Corporate Communication Director), Kristina Miljavac (Corporate Communication Specialist)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Servcie Director), Andrea Knapić and Nenad Gavrilović (Art Directors), Zrinka Požar and Sanja Gumhalter (Account Managers), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Pre-press), Vedran Firkelj (Head of Digital Production), Jelena Mihelčić (PR Manager)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marija Lukić (Project Manager), Marina Brletić (Exhibition Designer)

Collaborators: Basileus, Cerovski Print Boutique, Vektor grupa, Poster, Blue Marble Translations

Photographers: Ognjen Maravić and Marko Dimić/Pixsell

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Adris grupa

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