25 Apr 2018.

Hope invited to Bonn as an example of best practice in haptic advertising

HAPTICA live, a world renowned conference encompassing the best practice in haptic advertising was held on March 21st in Bonn, Germany. The organizers of the conference have invited Bruketa&Žinić&Grey to exhibit their book Hope, designed for the Adris Foundation.

The monograph includes 24 significant projects in the field of science, education and art which the Adris Foundation has supported over the years. Those 24 projects were illustrated by 24 Croatian artists and were presented in the book Hope. These projects show that there is still hope in the future of Croatia. The book is touch sensitive and the more it is touched, the more hope there is.

HAPTICA live is a conference that presents latest trends and innovations in haptic advertising. More than 200 people presented their works, including jerseys made out of ocean waste and Coca-Cola bottles that light up.

“We developed the concept of HAPTICA® live to show almost 2.000 German and European marketing professionals the power of haptic advertising in one day. More than 190 exhibitors as well as a lecture program and several special topical areas as the Best Practice Special Show provide inspiration and practical advice. Especially in the Best Practice Special Show visitors can find and experience campaigns that have already been successfully implemented – they can see and touch products such as the book Hope that function as tangible ambassadors for complex messages.” – said Brit München, from the HAPTICA live organizational team.


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