12 Apr 2017.

Croatian illustrators united in the Book of Hope

There is Hope Exhibition

An exhibition of works by the best Croatian illustrators, created for the book Hope of the Adris Foundation, opened in the Croatian Design Superstore. 24 of them gathered for this project in order to illustrate each of the 24 largest projects in the field of science, education and creativity that were so far supported by the Adris Foundation.

Croatia in the EU Network for Brain Disease Treatment Using Stem Cells Technology, illustration by Vedran Klemens

alen_lipus (1)

Gothic portal renewal in Šibenik, illustration by Alen Lipuš

tomislav_torjanac (1)

Computer-aided PTSP psychotherapy, illustration by Tomislav Torjanac

Illustrators whose works are exhibited are: Iva Čurić, Nebojša Cvetković, Ana Žaja Petrak, Danijel Srdarev, Luka Juras, Davor Šunk, Hana Tintor, Anita Celić – Cella, Klarxy, Vedran Klemens, Filip Peraić, Alen Lipuš, Tomislav Torjanac, Imelda Ramović, Tea Jurišić, Srđana Modrinić – BooBoo, Helena Janečić, Igor Taritaš, Slaven Kosanović – Lunar, Tomislav Šestak, Dominik Vuković, Tonka Lujanac, Vendi Vernić and Davor Rukovanjski.

tea_jurisic (1)

Comparative histological-MRI research for advancement in perinatal brain damage diagnostics, illustration by Tea Jurišić

nebojsa_cvetkovic (1)

Concert violin lease for Marco Graziani, illustration by Nebojša Cvetković

imelda_ramovic (1)

Solar cells based on self-regulated structures in glass nanocomposites, illustration by Imelda Ramović

Presented in one place, in the book Hope, these projects and their illustrations provide hope that Croatia has a future. The book is sensitive to the touch. The more you use it, the more hope there is. Bruketa&Žinić OM conceptually designed and created the book.

ana_zaja_petrak (1)

Blaca hermitage revitalization, Island of Brač, UNESCO heritage, illustration by Ana Žaja Petrak

anita_celic_cella (1)

CROnline – online Croatian language learning, illustration by Anita Celić – Cella

booboo (1)

Media culture education for children, illustration by Srđana Modrnić – BooBoo

Apart from having a documentary value, The Adris Foundation Monograph thus became a sort of a collection book of the current Croatian illustration scene characterized by diversity of vocabularies and approaches of its authors. Their creative contribution has brought the broadness and value of the Foundation’s work closer to the wider audience in an interesting an unconventional manner.

davor_rukovanjski (1)

Reconstruction of the Venetian fortress Kaštel in Pula, illustration by Davor Rukovanjski

davor_sunk (1)

Support for the Croatian language history books, illustration by Davor Šunk

filip_peraic (1)

Paintings repurchase for the Modern Gallery Zagreb, illustration by Filip Peraić

How do genomic phylostratigraphy, hematopoietic stem cells transplantation or nanopore sequencing in multicellularity origins research look like in the eyes of these excellent artists can be seen until April 16th.

The authors of the film about the book are Blaž Švent, Aleksandar Pavlović and Tina Fras (Komakino).

hana_tintor (1)

The first Croatian device for infant hypothermia therapy, illustration by Hana Tintor

helena_janecic (1)

Water quality evaluation of the river Krka, Ruđer Bošković Institute, illustration by Helena Janečić

igor_taritaas (1)

Ancient Nin Stories, illustraiton by Igor Taritaš

iva_curic (1)

Genomic Phylostratigraphy Excellence Center development, illustration by Iva Čurić

klarxy (1)

The first public health testicular biopsy biobank, illustration by Klarxy

slaven_kosanovic_lunar (1)

Beram frescoes laboratory research and protection, illustration by Slaven Kosanović – Lunar

tomislav_sestak (1)

Nanopore sequencing in multicellularity origins research, illustration by Tomislav Šestak

tonka_lujanac (1)

Strategies for coping with child poverty – research basis, illustration by Tonka Lujanac

vendi_vernic (1)

Demographic structure for better policies, illustration Vendi Vernić


Puline monastery renewal in Sv. Petar u Šumi, illustration by Danijel Srdarev


Neurodevelopmental disorders development genetic base research, illustration by Dominik Vuković

Photo: Domagoj Kunić

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