13 Jul 2016.

Sense Consulting and B&Ž started Design Thinking Croatia


The leading Croatian consulting company Sense Consulting and international award-winning creative agency Bruketa&Žinić OM started a joint project Design Thinking Croatia. This is a business consulting service which uses a word-renowned Design Thinking method and aims to create innovations, develop innovation culture and awaken creativity. This method helps companies to become more agile and innovative, like start-ups are, in today’s unpredictable times.


Innovation and creativity are key factors for business growth, but research shows that two thirds of Croatian companies are not innovate because they consider it unnecessary, complicated and expensive, or believe that not everyone can be innovative and creative. The Design Thinking method proves that everyone can be creative and that we can come up with a palpable and market-tested prototype of an idea in just five steps,” explains Vedran Antoljak, general partner at Sense Consulting.


Design Thinking is not only for designers; it is not about design at all, but about thinking as a designer. It is also not about mere theory, but about creating. Be it a short workshop or a months-long project, Design Thinking brings about concrete solutions that focus on the user and their real needs, not on innovation for innovation’s sake,” says Nikola Žinić, the creative director at Bruketa&Žinić OM marketing agency.


Design Thinking is a method originating from the need to find innovative solutions for today’s dynamic business environment, where traditional methods and tools no longer suffice. It was developed at Stanford University, and is applied by many globally successful companies such as Apple, IBM, Samsung and Procter&Gamble. But also many smaller companies and organizations from various branches, some of them Croatian. IKEA, for example, used the Design Thinking principles to manufacture furniture that anyone can transport and assemble.


Design Thinking Croatia is the first structured and systematic form of business consulting for organizations and corporations for our region. The coach team for Design Thinking Croatia was educated at the HIP School of Design Thinking with the Hasso Plattner Institute of the University of Potsdam and other renowned institutions related to Design Thinking.


Sense Consulting is the leading Croatian consulting company whose innovative solutions are used on three continents and 17 countries. We consult more than 300 companies, organizations and corporations to whom we’ve helped finance and implement projects/investments worth more than 11 billion HRK. We also received the UNDP award for one of the best world projects for strengthening institutional capacities.


Bruketa&Žinić OM is the world’s second most effective independent marketing agency according to the Effie Index published in Cannes in 2012. The American Advertising Age named B&Ž the International Small Agency of the Year 2013. The agency was one of the world’s leading independent marketing agencies of 2014 (British magazine Campaign) and among the 200 best packaging designers in the world (Lürzer’s Archive). The agency has won over 400 domestic and international awards in creative communication.

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