28 Jan 2016.

Assistants :)

Agency dogs


Ares is the smallest but omnipresent playful half-breed owned by Account Executive Martina Brnić.


Marlo is half-breed as well, and he’s the guy. He comes in at times with Account Director Maša Ivanov to hang out with Ares.


Šmizla is cuddly, cheerful and well brought up lady, half-breed. She’s often in the office with Production Manager Vesna Đurašin.


Zu looked like this the first day he came in to the agency with Account Director Roberta Kranjec. But now, two years later, this Bouvier is the biggest agency dog, but quiet and cuddly.


A nice Springer Spaniel Fibi drops in sometimes with Senior Brand Consultant Anja Bauer Minkara from Brandoctor. When she’s here she will trust you only after she gets to know you well, and then she’s the cutest.

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