03 Dec 2015.

The first exhibition by the prominent Croatian painter Z. Šimunović after a quarter of a century

In B&Ž agency ZG

Mobil 7-81, 1981.

The exhibition of works by the prominent contemporary Croatian painter Zlatko Šimunović, marking the twentieth anniversary of his death, will open on December 10 at noon in the Bruketa&Žinić OM agency in Zagreb. This is the first exhibition of his work after a quarter of a century.

“Zlatko Šimunović has indebted us with his vital and original opus which surpasses the boundaries of his own physical life and I believe that Croatian art history will justly evaluate his incredible contribution”, wrote Tonko Maroević in Šimunović’s monograph.

MOBIL M-11-81, 1981. 2

Zlatko Šimunović’s artistic creations are based on basic geometric shapes, which he reshapes and disengages with mathematical precision. His compositions are usually symmetrical, but do not lack dynamics and movement, and all of that is emphasised by the colours in contrast to the achromatic fields.

The connection and reliance on the creation of EXAT 51 and the New Tendencies is unquestionable, but despite the rational-constructivist approach, his pieces are nevertheless individual.

Objekt kota 4-96, 1986.

Zlatko Šimunović was born in Otočec in 1936. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in the class of M. Tartaglia. After that he became an associate of K. Hegedušić’s Master Workshop. His works were exhibited in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Samobor, Novi Sad, and New York, and his work features graphic art, art design and television sets. He died in 1995 in Zagreb.

TRANSFORMOBIL 3 - 83, 1983.

You can visit the exhibition until December 23, but first please notify us by sending an email to or by calling (01) 6064 000.


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