11 Feb 2015.

Brigada’s Comb in Oris House of Architecture

New space for promotion of architecture and design


Oris House of Architecture opened its doors recently in Zagreb, a new multimedia space for promoting architecture, culture, a meeting place for architects, designers, business people and others interested in cultural and business scene in Zagreb.


622 square meters of space is now home to a gallery, meeting room, promotions room, a library, offices including the Oris architecture magazine newsroom and the Voncimer restaurant.


We can expect many lectures, film projections, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and various promotional events at the address Kralja Držislava 3 in the future. Many authors have donated their works for the exhibition including Zaha Hadid, Mathias Klotz, Francisco Mangado and others.


What’s also interesting are many different chairs in the club space which were donated by many architects, designers and friends of Oris. Instead of a chair, Bruketa&Žinić OM and Brigada decided to donate Brigada’s Comb coffee table.



Photo: Oris House of Architecture, Domagoj Kunić

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