13 Dec 2014.

Brokula&Z in Switzerland

CIRCLE shop in Zürich is dedicated to sustainability, responsibility and quality


The CIRCLE shop opened its doors recently on the famous Zürich’s old-town street Niederdorf, right beside numerous designer shops, with the Croatian eco clothing brand Brokula&Z among it’s collections.

CIRCLE sustainable shop is dedicated to conscious liberating lifestyle and is based on the principles of ecological sustainability, social responsibility and production quality, gathering brands from around the world who share the same philosophy.


This is Brokula&Ž’s first international project. Brokula&Ž is based in a small Croatian town Sveti Križ Začretje near Zagreb, and was launched by Bruketa and Žinić in collaboration with Lacuna textile company.

CIRCLE is announced as a new movement in Switzerland, with lifestyle brands from across the globe offering intelligent products that are produced as sustainably as possible within the existing market system.

These are mostly small companies and family businesses that are not looking to make it big but better and would rather stand behind what they do.


Besides the Croatian Brokula&Ž, CIRCLE offers fifteen other sustainable lifestyle brands like unique bicycles from renewable bamboo, waterproof handbags made of cork,  colorful shoes made of recycled material and other interesting products, each one dedicated to its particular kind of sustainability – from the selection of raw materials, through processing to fair participation of all stakeholders.


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