14 Jul 2014.

Brokula&Ž – eco friendly and UV protective

New collection which protects you from harmful solar radiation


Brokula&Ž (Broccoli&Ž) is a Croatian design brand of clothing made of specially developed, organically grown and certified fabrics which are good for the environment and for your skin. The product has been developed and launched by Bruketa and Žinić in cooperation with Lacuna textile company in 2012.

Brokula&Ž clothing is made of different portions of organically grown cotton, cellulose fibers and some with a bit of Elastane. The new Summer 2014 models contain UV protective fabric (Liocel Tencel ® Sun) and were developed in partnership with Croatian clothing designer Danijela Štambuk.

The Brokula&Ž collection contains T-shirts and underwear for man, women and children, baby shirts and hats, dresses and accessories such as kitchen aprons, blankets or bags, and as of this summer beach models are included as well. Each piece of clothing except for the dresses, carries a hidden message from Brokula and Ž (a bird) on the inside that can be seen only by you or whoever undresses you.


Organically grown cotton is specific because it doesn’t need hazardous chemicals for its cultivation, unlike regular cotton which is one of the most polluted cultures globally. More than 10% of globally used pesticides is used in regular cotton cultivation, and up to 25% of insecticides.

A small portion of Elastan is added to Brokula&Ž fabric so that the clothing would be more durable, thrown away less, encouraging its owners to preserve the environment in this way as well. ProModal and Tencel are made of natural cellulose fibers from plants. Their production process is sustainable, they are completely biodegradable, and they ensure the maximum utilization of organic raw materials.


Liocel Tencel ® Sun is a sort of Tencel with added mineral pigment ensuring long-term protection from harmful solar radiation and it’s not loosing effect due to moisture or even after frequent washing. This airy fabric dries quickly and it keeps the skin cool which makes it comfortable even when you’re sweating.

Brokula&Ž concept store is located in the heart of Zagreb in Teslina 9, parts of the collection can be found in Bija Baja Buf stores, at the Zagreb and Split Airport or in the Brokula&Ž web shop.

Brokula&Ž is the winner of Greenovation award as the best start-up of Croatian green economy.

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