21 Oct 2013.

Sorry, you won’t win anything here for “Best use of white socks in TVC under 20 seconds”

An inteview with Nancy Ross, Cresta Awards President


Cresta winners have been announced today. Since Davor Bruketa is a permanent member of the Cresta jury we thought this could be a good opportunity to talk with the Cresta Awards President Nancy Ross.

Why, when and how did you start Cresta?

The Cresta Awards was established in 1993, and were born out of the belief that no single existing creative awards program completely fulfilled the needs and expectations of advertising agencies and creative people internationally.

What is the purpose of Cresta, what makes Cresta different, why should I apply?

The name Cresta is short for Creative Standards. And as this name suggests, the aim of the awards is to give recognition to the absolute standard of creative excellence as opposed to the selection of “winners” across a long, and often artificial, list of categories.  The only criteria of judgment is the originality of the creative idea and the quality of its execution.

What makes us different is a very low percentage of winners.  It is difficult to win a Cresta award. Also, our esteemed grand jury which is comprised of top creatives who are interested in quality with no hidden agendas. Cresta has a two-stage judging system which totals over 200 people from 42 countries who judge your work.  All voting is independent: no politics, no discussions and totally unbiased and consistent to our awards mission – to establish the ABSOLUTE creative standard.


Here’s a direct quote from our Jury President this year, Guido Heffels, Founder & CCO of HEIMAT, Berlin which explains more – “

“Sorry, you won’t win anything here for “Best use of white socks in tvc under 20 seconds” (Don’t even think about it, Cresta!). You even won’t be pleased with silvers or bronzes here. Yes indeed, it will be a tough judging procedure. Time consuming, but by far more important, percolating the entries means an extremely fair and unbiased process. Reaching the comparatively extremely limited shortlist should make any creative proud (Maybe some of us have unlearned this). Winners should immediately ask for a boost in pay. None of the worldwide acknowledged jury members has the tendency to be generous, it’s their name that is connected to the results. They are aware of the real meaning of CRESTA: Creative Standards. I feel honored being part of it.”

Every year you are traveling around the word, meeting creatives…what have changed in our business since your day one?

Everything has changed since my day one with Cresta and especially since my day one when I first started working at the Clio awards in 1976!  The industry had become a much smaller place.  There are both positive and negative sides to that… and I’ll leave it at that :-)

Future or advertising…or wider, future of marketing?

The basic common development I have seen is that we are moving towards a digital world.  Technology is taking over.  Mobile Madnes… Facebook Madness…  YouTube madness…  From viral videos to Branded entertainment…  Most people (at least here in the US) spend more time on some sort of digital device that watching TV or reading a physical newspaper. Taking that important component into play, traditional advertising is somewhat fading (not entirely though) and a whole new advertising world is coming into play.


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