25 Jul 2013.

Gizmodo on Brigada’s chandeliers

Satellites in a popular web magazine


A Satellite Dish Chandelier Shines Light on Outmoded Tech – this is the beginning of an article written by Andrew Liszewski, a journalist from a very popular web magazine Gizmodo, about Brigada’s Satellites chandelier.

The text continues – If you’ve finally decided to get rid of your satellite TV in favor of just streaming everything, you’re going to have some unneeded hardware on your hands. Namely a compact dish that can either be repurposed as a bird bath, or this fantastic chandelier if you can round up a few more from around the neighborhood…read the entire article here.

Gizmodo is one of the most popular global web magazines on design and technology focused mostly on new gadgets of all kinds, and it’s translated to several languages.

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