26 Sep 2022.
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Davor designs a poster for The Tolerance Project Inc.

A global project engaging designers from all over the world

The Tolerance Project Inc. invites designers from all over the world to create a poster illustrating their take on tolerance. The project was launched by Mirko Ilić, one of the most prominent graphic designers and illustrators, in 2017.

In a world saturated with racial and social inequality, in a crisis of tolerance, reaching as many people as possible becomes more important than ever. For that reason, the “Tolerance” Poster Show is organized in public areas and streets, at squares and universities, accessible to everyone.

This project travels the world, and to date has put on 139 exhibitions in more than 40 countries worldwide. The “Tolerance” Poster Show was thus held at Times Square in NYC, in Dubai, Los Angeles, at the Design Museum in London, in Reykjavík, Helsinki, Toronto, Beijing, during the Berlin Design Week and at the Library of Art History (Kunstbibliothek Berlin), in Madrid and many other cities.

The Poster was displayed during the 15th Weekend Media Festival.

Davor Bruketa (design)
Domagoj Šokčević (drawing)


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