26 Aug 2020.

Internationally awarded Croatian story

Brigada wins BigSEE Interior Design Award for The One Croatian Story exhibition design

The Brigada agency has won the BigSEE Interior Design Award for the spatial concept and the exhibition design of The One Croatian Story. The exhibition showcased the twenty-year-long collaboration between Adris Grupa and the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey creative agency.

The exhibition layout was designed by Brigada through the prism of collaboration between the two companies as a collective journey, a journey through a creative story summoning visitors to join in.

This collective journey, featuring exhibits as checkpoints of the creative collaboration, is displayed as a series of cut circles that are expanding and shrinking, allowing visitors to linger in every circle and contemplate the meaning behind each work. Similarly to the positives and negatives, the circles, lifted up in the air, turn three-dimensional and become a space for moving around and lingering.

BigSEE awards contain a wide spectrum of design niches and pay tribute to extraordinary achievements made in the territory of 19 Southeastern European countries, with the aim of drawing attention of other economic sectors to the potentials offered by design. The organizer is Zavod Big from Ljubljana, which inter alia has been organizing since 2003 the Month of Design, an internationally important festival of product, fashion, and interior design.

To date, the Brigada agency has won a number of national and international awards, including for exhibition design, such as Red Dot and IDA Design Excellence Award, and made it to the final of the prestigious World Architecture Festival 2018 in Amsterdam. The agency is currently putting on the Balthazartown exhibition to be opened this fall in Rijeka as part of the project Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture.

Photo: Ognjen Maravić and Marko Dimić/Pixsell

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