21 Oct 2019.

Progressive Use of Mobile award for A1 Lappsus

The WPPed Cream Awards were initiated twelve years ago by WPP, a global creative transformation company offering communications, experience, commerce and technology. The goal of the awards is to recognise the very best work produced by WPP companies around the world, around 230 of them.

The awards give all agencies within the WPP group the opportunity to compete and be recognized for outstanding work that has provided growth and brand value to their clients. Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency were highly commended in the Progressive Use of Mobile category for the A1 Lappsus mobile app created together with A1 Hrvatska.

Mark Read, WPP’s CEO said: „Creativity in our trade comes in two broad and often overlapping categories. There’s the creativity that supercharges communication; that uses words, images and sound in a way that both speeds up the comprehension of a message by its audience and strengthens its impact.  This form of creativity is not just artistically pleasing: it delivers a direct commercial benefit. It takes much less money to get your message across. It makes a media budget go further.

 And then there’s a second form of creativity: one that can make an inanimate object a great deal more desirable; that can help an excellent product become a favoured brand; that can differentiate a brand from its closest competitors; that can justify a premium price; that can resist a competitor’s price promotions; and that, assuming the brand’s intrinsic qualities are meticulously maintained, can offer a brand something close to immortality. I’m extremely happy to note that both these categories of creativity are abundantly present in this year’s WPPed Cream awards.

75% of high-schoolers have trouble with spelling while at the same time they are checking their phone 150 a day on average. This is why A1 Hrvatska, a brand that promises to make life easier, more effective and more fun trough digital technology, created A1 Lappsus, an app that helps kids to learn spelling every time they open their phone.

A user unlocks the phone by tapping the correctly spelled word and for every correct answer A1 adds 1MB of free data to their account. The app has 25 million openings to date with over 4 million awarded GBs. Over 50.000 downloads in first three weeks made A1 Lappsus the most popular app in Croatia on Google Play.

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