25 Apr 2019.
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A1 Lappsus – a mobile app helping users learn spelling

A1 Lappsus teaches users how to avoid grammar errors in Croatian language when unlocking their mobile device, and rewards their knowledge with additional megabytes.

Owners of Android mobile devices view their phone screen on average even up to 150 times a day. At the same time, reducing the spelling and grammar errors in everyday life is a constant challenge.

That is why A1 Croatia launched the new mobile app A1 Lappsus to turn the habit of frequent checking of the phone into an opportunity to learn correct use of the Croatian language. The app was created in cooperation with Marko Alerić, an associate professor from the Department of Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

“Spelling and grammar are best taught by constant exercises, and the mobile phone is something that is always with us and we often use it, so why not use it as a tool? We put the most common spelling and grammatical errors into the app, in order to give users a chance to practice on a daily basis,” said Marko Alerić.

At each third unlocking of the screen, the app gives a spelling question with two possible responses, and for each correct answer the user gets extra data traffic. Through rewards for correct answers, A1 users can gain up to 1 GB of data traffic per month.

The database of 500 grammatical and spelling questions within the app is constantly updated and refreshed, and though intended for the younger population, it can be useful to everyone. The app is available for all Android users and can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.


A1 Hrvatska / Lordan Kondić (Marketing Director), Marija Jakeljić (Brand and Marketing Communications Director), Vedran Hrgović (Campaign Coordinator), Mila Perović (Senior Specialist for Digital Media Planning and Communications), Gorana Blagus (Campaign Specialist), Ena Lukić (Digital User Experience Consultant), Jozo Petrović (Design and Development Specialist), Izabela Šerić (Senior Design and Development Specialist), Iva Babić (Senior Digital User Experience Consultant), Dubravka Srkulj (Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist), Liliana Božić (Media Strategy Principal), Dubravka Štefanac Vinovrški (Corporate Communications Director), Darija Petrić (Senior Public Relations Specialist), Igor Duić (Public Relations Specialist)

Marko Alerić (Associate Professor, Department of Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Đorđe Janković i Davor Bruketa (Creative Directors), Milica Katić (Account Director), Vanja Luetić (Senior Copywriter), Borjan Pavlek (Designer), Lorena Hrvoj (Account Executive), Ivan Zebić (UX/UI Director), Vjekoslav Azenić (UX/UI Designer), Dario Drmač (E-Commerce and Digital Transformation Specialist), Ivan Kovačević (Digital Director), Ivo Payer (Insight), Jelena Mihelčić (Press Relations)
Mario Radošević (Copywriter)

Web burza / Luka Maričić (Account Director), Ante Barić (Developer), Vanja Bertalan (Technology Manager)

Euroart 93 / Helena Perekovic (Account Director), Petra Miklos (Account Executive)

MediaCom / Ivančica Bulat-Poje (Account Director), Metod Bertoša (Planner), Domagoj Repić, (Programmatic Planner), Sanja Đekić (Digital Manager), Marko Matejčić (Head of Research)

Case Film / Žarko Veljković, Eduardo Maruri, Leonard Savage, Domagoj Kunić, Kristijan Kavurić (Brojka)

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