26 Jun 2017.
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The story about Goodness

The underlying intention of this website is to communicate the information about the Slavonian brand that uses state-of-the-art technologies and is transparent regarding the origin of their raw materials and the overall from-field-to-fork process.

The website is specific precisely because it shows the traceability code allowing the user to monitor the entire production process through five simple steps.

The website is also different from other similar websites in the market by its presentation of products – a profuse Slavonian table tells users the story about each and every product, focusing, just like the website itself, on visual story-telling using as few words as possible. The wording is short, simple and user-friendly.

The horizontal layout was inspired by the Slavonian plain, and the navigation simplified to only a few scrolls and clicks.

The visual impact of the website is intensified by the illustrations taken over from the company’s visual identity, some of which are animated, and the home page welcomes the users by showing the clips from their video commercial.

The website was designed with the future web-shop in mind to make its subsequent implementation easier. It is also fully responsive to all devices in keeping with the logic “mobile first”. The mobile version was made as a user-friendly tool providing information to the customers during their physical store shopping.

To find out more about the project click here.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Krešimir Lončar (UX/UI Designer), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Ivan Tanić (Strategic Planning Director), Tea Silvija Vlahović (Strategic Planner), Zrinka Požar (Account Executive)
Andrea Knapić (Art Director)
Anja Bauer Minkara, Petra Despot Domljanović (Senior Brand Consultants)
Sipan Rimac (Copywriter, Brand Consultant)
Jelena Mezga (Brand Implementor)

Žito / Andrea Biglbauer (Marketing Director), Petar Kizivat (Marketing Associate), Ana Serdarušić (Marketing Associate)
Degoridan (Development)

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