26 May 2015.

Everything from B to Ž

Bruketa and Žinić’s lecture at the School of Design


Why is the letter B so dear to Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić? :) This was just one of the things the two of them were talking about during their lecture at the School of Design in Zagreb on April 28th. Actually they’ve tried to describe their path from the start at that same school until today.

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The main idea behind the lecture was how there are much more opportunities for a global success today because all it takes is an internet connection. So they’ve tried to show on examples how with a good idea, and just a small amount of money, it’s possible to reach a global audience.

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“Students usually have the wrong idea about success.”, said the lecture organizer Inja Kavurić Kireta while adding: “By talking with Davor and Nikola, the students could see how ideas, a strong desire and will to realize them, persistence, hard work and investments in your own development are primarily what drives and stands behind great projects.”

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