03 Dec 2014.

Brigada’s lecture in the Architects’ Society

Niche Interiors


Brigada’s Creative Director Damjan Geber participated in the public talks entitled Niche Interiors organized by Zagreb Architects’ Society on November 25th. Joining him was Edita Geci, architect and director from Studio Geci.

Topics of discussion were their different approaches in interior design. While Brigada specializes in creative full-service shop concepts by integrating branding within a space, Studio Geci focuses on the so-called total design and high end interior design.


Some of the questions raised were: how much influence does market research have on niche specialization, how much do education, advancement awareness and recognizability influence the positioning inside a specific professional and market niche, and in what way does this arise from the author’s own vocabulary no matter is it a low budget or high end interior?

“In times of crises we should specialize and differentiate ourselves on the market, meaning we have to create a recognizable brand.”, said Damjan Geber.


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