07 Jun 2013.

Žinić at the DIGGIT

Ljubljana conference on digital communication


Nikola Žinić participated in the 2nd DIGGIT, a conference on digital communication, held in Ljubljana on June 5 and 6. Over 300 delegates came to listen what numerous experts on the subject had to say while introducing trends in digital communication, this time focusing on lecturers from the region. Among them were Alison Fennah from IAB Europe, Axel Landschoof from Searchmetrics, Uroš Cuder from TSmedia, Victoria Davies from the Discovery television network, Zoran Trobica from Tvitomanija, Albau Kastrati from Ipkavi and others.


In his lecture Žinić pointed out how we have become slaves to likes and comments and how brands and advertisers are putting too much emphasis on numbers – those of friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, comments and retweets. He also said how it should be more important to ask ourselves what do those numbers mean and how can brands help themselves by using these information. The question is of course is data killing creativity? Žinić thinks the content is what actually matters. “We must not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by data so that we chase numbers which don’t necessarily mean how our message has been accepted by the consumers”, he added.

Here is the video interview from the conference in Ljubljana:

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