13 Dec 2012.
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When you get to choose who to share your life with

Campaign for the Prva stambena štedionica (First Housing Savings Trust)

The task of the campaign was twofold: to clearly communicate the concrete benefits offered by the Prva stambena štedionica on the one hand, and to stimulate awareness among young people about the importance and advantages of housing savings and savings in general on the other.

The campaign for the Prva stambena štedionica stems from the accepted idea that parents constantly remind their children about how important saving is in life, and are constantly advising them on how to spend less and to take care to not spend money on things they do not really need.

Young people often have different priorities and a different perspective on life, but there is one thing that both parents and the young can agree on – if there is a good way to spend money today, then surely it is housing savings.

The Prva stambena štedionica allows young people to spend their money with purpose, on the housing savings, and that those savings will later ensure a greater range of choices. Likely they will decide to share their home and their life with someone – and that experience will be more pleasant if they get to choose who to share it with.

The TV spot leads us into a small flat occupied by two young people, in their regular daily routines that would suggest that this is a young married couple. This kind of life is expected of young people their age. However, the end of the spot reveals that they are actually brother and sister. Yes, it is good to share your life with someone, but even better when you get to choose who to share it with.


Bruketa&Žinić OM / Nikola Žinić, Ivan Čadež, Davor Bruketa (Creative Directors), Vanja Osredečki (Account Director), Ivan Tanić (Strategic Planner), Sonja Šurbatović (Art Director), Drago Mlakar (Copywriter), Nina Nonković (Account Assistant)

Pakt Media (TV production)
Miha Mlaker (director)

Zagrebačka banka

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