06 Feb 2011.
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Merry BiŽić

A web page for the exchange of unwanted Christmas gifts

Every Christmas gift deserves a happy owner. With this in mind we have created a self promotional web site that serves as a temporary shelter for unwanted Christmas gifts that can be used by the agency’s friends and business partners. Here they can exchange a Christmas gift they don’t like for the one they like better.

The name of the project is a pun: Sretan Božić means Merry Christmas in Croatian and BiŽ is the abbreviation of the agency’s name Bruketa&Žinić OM so Sretan Božić became Sretan BiŽić or Merry BiZic in English. Every year almost all the presents have found their happy owner, and the project has generated a lot of PR for the agency.

The project was active since December 2006 until January 2010. It has changed a bit each year.

A video invitation from 2009:

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Moe Minkara (Creative Director), Sandra Bolfek (Art Director, Designer), Ivan Čepelak (Copywriter),  Ana Šutić (Account Executive), Sanja Tica Primorac (Assistant)

Zviz (production), Brlog (production)


digital communication