02 Feb 2011.
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Our home away from home in Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan is the newest market we operate in as a full service agency. Azerbaijan is a big country with a rich culture and strong economic growth; a country where we first arrived in 2009, after winning at the international competition announced by the mobile operator Azerfon for its brand Nar Mobile.

Since then, we have started cooperating with other companies in the country, for which we now work on various projects. In 2011 we founded our local agency – Bruketa&Žinić OM Baku.

Nar Mobile is the third operator in the Azerbaijani market, positioned as a challenger with the most affordable prices. Azerfon launched the Nar Mobile brand in 2005, and since 2010 the portfolio of the company also includes the premium brand Azerfon-Vodafon.

So far, we made 12 campaigns for Nar Mobile, to be applied in the ATL and BTL segment. Owing to a continuous work for that brand, we managed to ensure its stabile growth and strengthen its position. In 2010, the Neck Syndrome campaign won the Creativity Award for the TV commercial.

The most popular campaign was the one called Coverage, which we shot in many parts of the country, at more than 10 locations. The goal of the campaign was to communicate good network coverage of Nar Mobile, so the main motive of the campaign was a greeting echoing throughout the country.

The production of TV commercials is under our creative supervision, and the commercials are filmed in Azerbaijan or in the neighbouring Georgia.

In cooperation with our sister agency Brigada, which deals with designing and optimizations of retail stores, product design and architecture, we did the rebranding of Nar Mobile retail stores.

In 2011, in cooperation with Brigada we worked out the way of presentation of the whole company Azerfon at the BakuTel Fair, which is the most important telecommunication event in the region. Currently, we are preparing communicational and creative strategy for Nar Mobile for 2011.

In 2010 we started cooperating with the Pasha Bank, the biggest investment bank in Azerbaijan; next, with the Synergy Group, a big consortium which recently appeared in the market and which, at the moment, owns 16 factories of different activities; and finally, with the Duty Free AZ, an exclusive duty-free shop in the centre of Baku, which is open solely for diplomats who live and work in Azerbaijan.

Nar Mobile

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