We’re launching a new column called BiŽići, in which we will present the people working at the agency. We begin with Vesna Đurašin who today works as our Production Manager and has been at the agency the longest

Merry BiŽić!

23.12.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, other: this and that

We sang Jingle Belle and recorded it and had fun, hope you will to

Back to school

02.11.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, other: this and that

So you think you know how to write a print specification? Think again

The love T-shirt

03.08.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, other: this and that

A “revolutionary” tool improving the chances for someone with limited social skills to occasionally have sexual (or other) relations with complete strangers :)

A yellow gondola lift No. 66

04.07.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, other: this and that

Damjan from Brigada has got us yellow gondola lift No. 66 that used to be part of the Sljeme aerial lift

BiŽnis School

19.05.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, other: this and that

He who stops learning, stops growing, the proverb reads. To make sure we don’t stay small in knowledge, we have BiŽnis School, our internal agency project for collecting and sharing knowledge on different topics and fields. Since we are in communication business, we are interested in everything, and we want to know a bit about everything. Usually we teach each other, each Friday on another subject, but for the last few school hours we had guests, and we thought it would be proper to introduce them.

Brigada has developed a proposal for the making of ecological school lockers in Croatian schools. The proposal has been designed in a way that it encourages creativity and it develops students’ technical culture. It’s completely ecological and the results are functional storage compartments. Students make the lockers themselves out of paper, using paper-mache technique

B&Z Buzz

17.03.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, other: press, this and that

A few international advertising and design web sites have published our projects. We were stuck in the past during the new Karlovačko beer ad shooting in Karlovac

Merry BiŽić

06.02.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: digital communication, other: this and that

A web page for the exchange of unwanted Christmas gifts

Bruketa&Žinić Prime Presentation

03.02.2011. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: ambient, product / service: corporate, other: this and that

A presentation of the agency at PRIME, a specialized fair for marketing and market communications