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A book that grows green in your hands

Adris group’s annual report entitled “In good hands” reveals floral details when heated by the palms of the hands, metaphorically illustrating how hands can achieve anything

Bunny…it’s time for action!

After conceiving the communication strategy, name and visual identity, the agency Bruketa&Žinić OM was entrusted with the communication campaign for the Green Cleanup

Tele2 Fucking Campaign

In order to find out what Croatian users really needed, we decided to ask them directly what they thought of telecom operators and their products

BiŽ: exhibit

“Instead of displaying our projects, since they can all be viewed on the agency blog, we decided instead to display the interest that these projects aroused. We exhibited all those people who were intrigued by the agency’s work to date and who came to view the exhibit.”

San Tommaso

San Tommaso is a brand of high quality wine from the vineyards of western Istria in Croatia

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