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Bruketa&Žinić present Brokula&Ž

With Brokula&Ž, everything important comes from within. Brokula&Ž clothing is made from organically grown materials, with hidden messages written on the inside that can be seen only by you… and whoever undresses you. The feeling of comfortable, natural fabric on the skin warms you on the outside, while the inspirational messages warm you from within.

21 Aug 2012.

Office optimization in progress

A thorough optimization of B&Ž office is in progress, professionally supervised by Brigada. We bring you a few pics from the site

Modular pavilion for Abbott

Brigada created a promotional pavilion for the pharmaceutical company Abbott that can be used at medical conferences throughout Croatia. Conceived as a modular structure (pharmacy), the pavilion is composed of several individual units that can be arranged according to the size and significance of each individual conference. The organization and positioning of visual communication is likewise easily adaptable to the specific needs of each event

The New ORYX Retail Space

Brigada developed a standard concept for the organization and arrangement of ORYX Rent a Car offices and the design of a modular information and retail counter, applicable to both existing and new locations. The counter was designed in accordance with the new visual standard of ORYX Group, and its form and ergonomic design completely change the previous way of working with clients, making transactions more efficient and effective

29 Jan 2012.

Popular Bruketa&Žinić OM Beograd

The Bruketa&Žinić OM agency from Zagreb has partnered up with the Popular agency from Belgrade, which has now changed its name to Popular Bruketa&Žinić OM. The agency specializes in strategic planning, offline and online communication, branding and design

Adris WMF pavilion

After last year’s success of the room that glows in the dark, Brigada was again in charge for the Adris group’s pavilion at the Weekend Media Festival. The assignment was again to portray the values of Adris group in an ambient medium

Zavrtnica’s new look

If we can put retail stores in order, suppose we can do the same for our own neighborhood, so we were set to start the project of making business centre Zavrtnica prettier

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