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OmoLab is a start-up behind font and application products designed as reading facilitating tools for dyslexic people. The OmoLab team was awarded free branding in the call for proposals organized by Fortenova and Hanza Media. The Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency was tasked with its brand strategy formulation and visual identity redesign. Komunikacijski ured Colić, Laco i partneri (Communications Office Colić, Laco and Partners) also took part in the project, whose team was responsible for the communication strategy.


Brand strategy

The brand strategy includes the guidelines for long-term brand development and the overall brand experience with the environment. The OmoLab a.k.a. Omoguru strategy has come out of the challenges faced by the brand today and its vision for tomorrow.


– enter the US and global market

– become the first choice reading solution for dyslexic readers in any media

create a community of communication-deprived people in collaboration with experts through research and support

– become an active participant in the creation of a more equitable society.


– target audience is not sufficiently aware of the Omoguru products (font and application) or of the activities and values advocated by the brand

– in general, the society shows rather poor knowledge of dyslexia, which leads to the prejudice linked to dyslexia

– the global market is competitive, and the expert community feels distrust in new solutions.


The creation of a society of equitable opportunities, without prejudice.


The world we are creating is inclusive, i.e. not only does it tolerate diversities but it also accepts them. Such world, our world, supports a number of paths to achieve self-actualization, as this path is never universal, creating support for those who encounter obstacles in that path.


By making the difficulty invisible, and the difference positive.


Simplicity, empathy, curiosity, collaboration, creativity, equity

The new brand strategy has also proven the need for a new name, and after some joint brainstorming the decision was taken to rename the brand as Omoguru.



Visual identity

The visual identity contains the basic visual standards of the brand. It is essential to consistently comply with such standards for the sake of brand recognisability and its visual identity consistence with the underlying narrative.

The redesigned visual identity stems from the new brand strategy and the new name Omoguru derived from the exitsing ‘old’ name and the OmoLab logotype. It is comprised of the overarching icon and the logotype with the associated brand architecture (Omoguru type, Omoguru reader, Omoguru shop).

The primary icon, a lowercase letter g in guru, signifies a teacher, whereas the secondary icon, a lowercase letter o in omo denotes a disciple. All products / business segments use the same overarching icon that becomes animated once displayed on the screen (computer, cell phone) identifying a particular segment with a recognizable icon.

The eye is still the basic element of the visual language and the identity system, represented within a simple circle or expanded by ‘a body’. The visual identity redesign suggests a possibility of designing abstract or illustrative graphic compositions from the basic circle, using the colour palette of this brand.

The redesign has maintained the way in which the name of the logotype is written without spacing, but has eliminated the uppercase initials (OmoLab -> omoguru). The presentations of brand extensions have been changed to retain Omoguru at all times as a recognizable overarching brand with extension names as add-ons (Omoguru type, Omoguru reader, Omoguru shop) in place of the former “omo”-prefixed versions (OmoType, OmoReader).


Omoguru / Petar Reić (Founder), Vanja Andrić (Marketing and Sales Manager) Ratko Knežević (Investor), Maja Peretić (Speech Pathology Professor, Professional Associate)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Nikola Žinić (Creative Director), Ivanka Mabić Gagić (Account Director), Josip Buzov (Junior Strategic Planner), Mirna Ptiček (Art Director), Sonja Martinović Domitrović (Account Manager), Petra Adžić (Account Executive)


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We didn’t just drink Coca-Cola in Dubrovnik Wed, 25 Sep 2019 12:57:06 +0000

150 attendees, 4 days, 2 trucks, 2 border crossings, 10 suppliers, 50 collaborators – these are the statistics of the corporate event in Dubrovnik the agency has worked on for The Coca-Cola Company as their creative agency for the CEE region.

A team in charge of the project has created the event concept, the team building activities for the employees, central spatial branding and atmosphere and finally they handled the entire production.

Without revealing too much client info, we could describe the employees’ activities which were separated into 3 zones. In the first zone they played a sort of a roulette, using cards as instructions to get to know each other better.

In the second zone participants were given instructions to gather materials for building a rack they needed to test out in the pool. The third activity included a millennial photo with the employees needing to form a keyword with their bodies which will guide their future collaboration.


The Coca-Cola Company / Annamaria Gazda, Lydia Panagiotou

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Valentina Bugarin (Direktorica projekta), Tomislav Zeljko (Voditelj događanja), Siniša Waldinger (Kreativni direktor), Vanja Činić (Tekstopisac), Tomislav Šestak (Umjetnički direktor), Dario Oxenham (Izvršni voditelj događanja), Davor Bruketa (Kreativni direktor), Vedran Firkelj (Voditelj digitalne produkcije), Željka Tročak (DTP operatorica)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Suradnik)

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The One Croatian Creative Story Told at Adris Gallery Tue, 24 Sep 2019 10:39:22 +0000

During the Weekend Media Festival an exhibition was opened at the Adris Gallery in Rovinj. It showcases the Adris Group’s communications projects stemming from their 20-year-long cooperation with the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey creative agency.

The exhibition visitors have a chance to get inside of The One Croatian Story about creativity as an essential tool for success in the global market. The exhibition entails twenty-four globally awarded projects for Adris, Maistra, Cromaris, the Adris Foundation and the Croatia Osiguranje insurance company, as selected by a curator and distinguished theorist of architecture Maroje Mrduljaš, whereas its spatial concept and the layout design was assigned to Brigada.

While calling to mind the significance of creativity in the contemporary business arena, at the very onset of this longstanding cooperation Predrag Grubić said:

The Adris Group is consciously exposed to the risk of creativity. We believe that the time of traditional solutions in the economy is passing and that, even though too slowly, or even dramatically too slowly, the Croatian economy is moving towards a creative economy in which design will be crucial, if not decisive, for increasing competitiveness and adding value to companies in the global market. In order to be as efficient as possible in this business, we must, despite the risk, be open to new knowledge, innovative and creative solutions and accept the cooperation between entrepreneurs and designers.

Grubić, drawing attention to the importance of this exhibition, believes that “The presented Rovinj fragments will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the design culture in our country and to its socio-economic and cultural affirmation. It will certainly, in counteraction with the unbearable aesthetics of ugliness, stimulate that constant energy of visibility…

The exhibition is accompanied by an invaluable publication feat, a trilingual catalogue “Jedna hrvatska priča/Una storia Croata/The One Croatian Story. In the catalogue Maroje Mrduljaš inter alia recounted:

This “Croatian Story” has released the latent creative energy of the local context and has been recognized internationally through numerous awards, publications, exhibitions and collections. The global success of these works is aided by their authenticity and the fact that they could hardly have originated elsewhere. The collective eff ort put into these works by both Bruketa& Žinić(&Grey) and the Adris Group, with numerous authors involved, feeds back into the corporate culture of the company. (…)

When it comes to the contribution of Adris Group and Bruketa& Žinić(&Grey) to the public domain, their “extended freedom” of the design scene and contributions to visual culture should certainly be emphasized, but for the contemporary Croatian context it is even more important to use corporate channels to communicate basic social values in times when they are increasingly being brought into question.

During the exhibition opening Davor Bruketa underlined that “Our cooperation with Adris has given us an opportunity to show what the creative industry can do for the Croatian economy and culture, and Nikola Žinić followed up by saying: “Thanks to the projects of this kind we have had a possibility to cooperate with some of the most gifted people in our industry and to increase our visibility beyond the Croatian borders.”

The exhibition is open until 20 October, from 6.00 to 10.00 am daily, and admission is free.



Adris grupa / Predrag Grubić (Corporate Communication Director), Kristina Miljavac (Corporate Communication Specialist)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Servcie Director), Andrea Knapić and Nenad Gavrilović (Art Directors), Zrinka Požar and Sanja Gumhalter (Account Managers), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Pre-press), Vedran Firkelj (Head of Digital Production), Jelena Mihelčić (PR Manager)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marija Lukić (Project Manager), Marina Brletić (Exhibition Designer)

Collaborators: Basileus, Cerovski Print Boutique, Vektor grupa, Poster, Blue Marble Translations

Photographers: Ognjen Maravić and Marko Dimić/Pixsell

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A1 Lappsus App Wins Innovative Media Usage Award Tue, 03 Sep 2019 13:23:28 +0000

A1 Hrvatska and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency have won the Gold Award for their project A1 Lappsus in the category of Innovative Media Usage at the Balticbest Festival of Creativity held on August 30th in Tallinn, Estonia.

If you remember, A1 Lappsus is a mobile app activated when users unlock their cell phones teaching them how to avoid spelling mistakes in Croatian while earning extra mobile data as a reward. Soon after its launching, the app became the most popular app in Croatia on Google Play.

“A1 as a guide to new forms of life strives to make life easier, more efficient and more fun by the use of digital technology. This service lives up to the brand promise and provides a value-added phone unlocking function turning it into a new digital tool for brand communication,” said Marija Jakeljić, Brand and Marketing Communications Director at A1 Hrvatska.

The Balticbest award competition is only open for entries from European countries with population less than 5 million. Besides the award competition, this one-day festival includes company tours of successful businesses organized instead of festival talks.

Moreover, the festival’s Gold and Grand Prix winning entries can enter EPICA and Eurobest advertising competitions free of charge. This year more than 200 projects competed for the title of the best.



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Untouched by Light – the world’s first sparkling wine made, sold and tasted in complete darkness Wed, 28 Aug 2019 10:34:19 +0000

A new sparkling wine brand called Untouched by Light, released by Radgonske Gorice recently, claims that best things happen in the dark.

According to Professor Emerita Ann C. Noble[1], the exposure of wine to daylight or artificial lighting results in what is commonly known as light-struck aromas. It decreases the intensity of citrus aromas, but increases the intensity of cooked cabbage or wet dog aromas.

For that reason Radgonske Gorice made a bold decision to turn to the dark side and produce their new sparkling wine. Untouched by Light is made from Chardonnay grapes picked at night and aged in pitch darkness of a cave to be sold in (sun)lightproof bottles and preferably served in the dark.

Although its fermentation began only a few months ago and the first bottles will not be made available before next year, Radgonske Gorice have already started taking pre-orders.

Radgonske Gorice from Slovenia have a 166-year-long tradition of sparkling wine production. It was started in the era of Archduke John of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, who expanded the wine production in the Radgona region, and cherished continuously even in the time when the wine cellars were owned by the Swiss-French Bouvier Family. The Winery Managing Director Borut Cvetkovič says:

Untouched by Light is made from the ripest Chardonnay grapes by using the famous inside-the-bottle French fermentation method. What makes this wine unique is its aging process as Untouched by Light is left to age for two to three years in the caves of Radgona in Slovenia, untouched by the outside world – in complete absence of light. In our jargon it is known as a Crafted by Darkness method.

We use night vison glasses during harvest, bottle rotation and packaging. Once out of the cave, the wine is protected in a black lightproof bottle packed in a vacuum-sealed bag blocking any additional light or air contact. I would strongly recommend that you taste this wine in pitch darkness in good company.

If you want to be among the first ones to see this sparkling wine come out of the dark, pre-orders are available at


Radgonske gorice / Borut Cvetković (CEO), Andreja Novak (Marketing Manager), Klavdija Topolovec Špur (Enologist)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Tea Silvia Vlahović (Strategic Planning Director), Mirna Ptiček (Art Director), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Jelena Mihelčić (PR Manager), Vjekoslav Azenić (UX Designer), Dragan Lakičević (Copywriter, Video Editor), Ante Kantor (Account Executive), Ivan Tanić (Strategic Planning Director), Josip Buzov (Junior Strategic Planner), Marko Zabrdac (Account Executive), Robert Petković (Analytics Lead)

Kaligraf / Miho Karolyi
Domagoj Kunić (DOP)
Julien David Goodman (Speaker)
Tabasco produkcija
Brojka produkcija
MM studio



[1] Noble, Ann C., Sensory study of the effect of flourescent light on a sparkling wine and its base wine, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, Vol. 40, No. 4, 1989

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The newly-opened Poster House in New York City features pieces by Bruketa&Žinić&Grey for Cromaris Fri, 19 Jul 2019 07:02:33 +0000

A new museum called Poster House, the first American museum devoted exclusively to posters, opened in New York City at the end of this June. The museum’s collection also features Well raised fish”, a work of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey team for Cromaris. The purpose of Cromaris’ posters is to send a message that Cromaris fish, due to exceptional attention paid to fish breeding in the clean Adriatic Sea, is truly “well raised fish”.

Poster House has a collection of about seven thousand historical posters from across the globe, and a growing number of new pieces stored in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in a space of ca. 15,000 m2. The collection includes the works by Milton Glaser, the creator of I ❤ NY logo, and Shephard Fairey, the designer behind Barack Obama’s Hope poster.

The posters will be pulled from the collection for thematic exhibitions to be held every few months. Julia Knight, the museum director, said for The New York Times that the museum is mandated to show non-Western and female-centered designs every single year.

The Poster House’s website indicates that the museum celebrates the ubiquitous poster medium showcasing its global history and craftsmanship of its design. For Vanity Fair, Ms. Knight said that posters are trying to persuade us, whether it’s to vote in a certain way, or to think of a product or idea in a certain way. “We don’t want to be an art museum. Even though there is clear artistry and beauty here, we still consider this design,” she said.

Poster House is the brainchild of Val Crosswhite, who developed this idea for several years collecting posters from the 19th century onwards. The poster collection explores mass communication and persuasion, the intersection of art and commerce, and control of the public domain.

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Theatre EXIT Summer Nights Vol.10 Thu, 11 Jul 2019 09:06:35 +0000



Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Tomislav Šestak (Art Director), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Valentina Bugarin (Account Director), Zrinka Požar (Account Manager), Vedran Firkelj (Head of Digital Production), Igor Bilić (Web Designer)

Alberto Hodžić (Collaborator)

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Good times for pharma advertising Tue, 09 Jul 2019 09:14:56 +0000

By Siniša Waldinger

We all know pharma ads are boring. This is mostly because regulations and overly-scientific approach kill creativity. Since creativity is proven to increase marketing effectiveness, how can pharma communication be more creative and thus effective?

1. Ask yourself the key question most brands ask themselves today – what are we here to do in cultural terms? What is the point of our business beyond making money?

Nature Represented

2. Tip into the popular culture whenever you can

Corazón Film

3. Be bold when expressing your role in society


4. Use great design

Darbur Print Ad

Battle in the Bone

5. Use digital and social for a smart omnichannel approach

HealthyDay App

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Grey Moscow and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey developed a bag with Cardbeast that you can use for paying Thu, 13 Jun 2019 11:11:59 +0000

Cardbeast has recently launched a prototype called PayBag — a collection of technological bags, which can help users to pay for their purchases even faster and to take care of nature at the same time. The Mastercard Contactless payment chip is built into each bag so that payments can be done without pulling the wallet or smartphone out. This project was developed for Cardbeast with Grey Moscow and their partners were Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and Mastercard.

Despite the growth of environmental awareness, changes towards conscious consumption in consumer behavior are very slow. For example, only 5% of shoppers intentionally choose reusable bags while 64,7% continue to buy disposable bags on daily basis. A research revealed that the main switching barrier is the contradiction between sustainability and convenience. In other words, the fact that sustainable consumer behavior sets limits on comfort, aesthetics, ease and quickness of the experience.

To promote conscious consumption, Cardbeast decided not to encourage people to change their behavior, but to make sustainable shopping more attractive as an experience. To achieve that, they launched the PayBag® prototype collection — an all-in-one solution which makes shopping more sustainable AND more enjoyable.

Paying with PayBag® is easier and faster than using cash and plastic cards. In contrast to disposable bags, it can be used for years and doesn’t pollute the environment after that. Unlike ordinary reusable shopping bags (which people actually forget to bring with them at 40% of shopping trips), it remains in your pocket all the time — because you can’t go shopping without everything you need to do it.

Brand designers have developed a convenient technological solution: when folded, the novelty easily fits into a pocket, and when needed unfolds into a full bag. All bags are made of 100% recycled plastic and are presented in four versions, corresponding to the four types of cards of the partner bank. PayBag® prototype launched in support of conscious consumption and to help people to say no to disposable bags – one of the most common types of plastic waste. Pre-orders are available here.


Cardbeast (Client)

Grey Moscow / Olga Tsoukanova (CEP), Luiz Risi (Executive Creative Director), Julia Andriyanova (Creative Director), Maxim Vyazigin, Breno Ribeiro (Art Director), Ivan Podolyan (Copywriter), Alexander Pakulichev (Motion Design Director), Andrey Kitsen (Head of Design), Maria Kartashova (Account Director), Nadia Vakhrusheva (Account Manager), Shilpa Sinha (Planning Director), Ilya Uturgauri (Producer)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Ivanka Mabić Gagić (International Business Director), Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Petra Adžić (Account Manager), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager)
Mia Marić (Designer)

Mastercard, Brigada (Partners)
Adservice (Production)
Gregory Shelukhin (Photographer)
Ivan Malimenkov (DOP)
CG Company (Postproduction and Animation)



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A1 Lappsus in the international media Thu, 06 Jun 2019 09:58:48 +0000

Not long after the A1 Lappsus app launch, a project the agency took part in, the news has been shared by the media in different parts of the world. Among them were Ads of the World, AdForum,, Directory, Japanese AdGang and Gunosy, Italian Brand News, Maleysian Marketing Magazine, Swedish Stendhals newsletter, AdHugger, Ads of Brands, Ad Stasher, Best ads on TV and Unsorted.

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