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Be There Zagreb app the best in Europe

15.06.2015. |  published by brlog, other: awards

Zagreb’s mobile app for tourists awarded in Paris at the first European tourist promotion festival

Samago chemical inter (re) action

06.05.2015. |  published by brlog, medium: digital communication, client: Samago, product / service: corporate

Website design

ZagrebBeThere winter campaign

Brlog names new Creative and Art Director

24.10.2014. |  published by brlog, other: news

Nikola Žinić (CD) and Sandro Dujmenović (AD)

Brlog in SoMo borac e-book with advice for digital appearance

Zagreb Be There

Brlog wins an award for the Lost Page campaign

29.04.2014. |  published by brlog, other: awards

Sudnji dan (The Judgment Day) Award for interactive content

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